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[Surprising the shooting]The US military’s head was exposed to secret telegrams, and the CCP Evergrande was compensated by the authorities | News shooting surprised | Mark Milly | Trump

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[Epoch Times September 15, 2021]Hello, everyone, and welcome to the “News Story Surprise”, my name is Daewoo.

Today’s focus: Fujian outbreak drags down the “armed reunification”! The KMT exercises offensive and defensive exercises in Taipei; Xiamen is like a closed city, and the number of confirmed cases has risen rapidly. In the infected area, Putian 30,000 people leave the province to cause panic; the CCP wants to station in Evergrande, and Guangdong will give Xu Jiayin a repair! Creditors in Chengdu and Shenzhen were cleared by riots; a strong typhoon threatened Shanghai and Zhejiang.

[U.S. top military officer restricts Trump’s Secret Electric Army: I will notify you before hitting you]

The current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army is named Mark Milley. Chinese netizens are used to calling him “Rice Grains.” The position he holds is one of the top official positions in the US military, but everyone’s perception of him has not been very good. He took office under Trump (Trump), but what he did often confronted Trump. On September 14, many American media including the Washington Post and the Associated Press also reported on the shocking things Milly did during the final period of Trump’s first term.

The report mainly mentioned that a senior general of the U.S. Department of Defense, citing a new book to be published, said that October 30, 2020, four days before the general election, and January 8, 2021, on Capitol Hill. Two days after the incident, Mark Milli spoke with Li Zuocheng, the current Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission, twice. During the secret call, Mark Milly assured Li Zuocheng that the US government is very stable and will not attack or take military actions against the CCP. If there is an action, it will tell you in advance and it will not be sudden. This is what “Rice” said to Li Zuocheng. In other words, the highest general of the US military assured the Communists that if the US military sends troops, it will notify the enemy in advance. In addition, the “grain of rice” has also been revealed. After the Capitol Hill incident on January 6, 2021, Trump secretly restricted Trump’s ability to launch nuclear strikes in the military because he strangely thought that Trump’s spirit had been out of control.

After Trump learned of all these actions, he told the American media on the same day that the actions of “Rice Grains” were “treason”. Many Chinese netizens are also very angry when they forward related messages. This is a blockbuster dropped by the US political arena today, and subsequent developments will also affect people’s hearts. In recent years, a lot of things have really happened in American politics, and the incidents have attracted people’s attention.

[More people in the United States have begun to pay attention to politics and realize that protecting freedom is not necessarily good]

As of this year, the United States has been established for 245 years. However, you go to the streets of the United States and ask the authentic Americans, how old is the United States this year? Many people can’t answer. I believe that people who do not pay attention to politics and do not watch the news exist in all countries, and there are quite a few. People often only pay attention to the things closest to them, and even those who pay attention to politics and news conform to this rule. This is why there is a “principle of proximity” in journalism.

But the United States has freedom of speech, so everything can be said. Recently, the “Annenberg Center for Public Policy” of the University of Pennsylvania recently released a data. They did an interesting study. How many Americans are paying attention to the politics of the United States itself, and the survey results surprised them.

As you all know, if the people of a country pay special attention to politics, there are two possibilities: first, the national politics begins to be closely related to their own interests, gains and losses; second, this is a special case, just like the Communist Party This kind of government once urged ordinary people to pay more attention to politics, thinking it was class-conscious, but what it calls politics is actually accepting the brainwashing of the CCP and accepting its policies. The second situation does not exist in the United States, only the first situation can happen.

So the survey result we mentioned earlier is that the proportion of Americans concerned about politics has shown a leaping increase in recent years. Compared to our past impressions of Americans, this is new.

Let’s take one of the simplest examples in this survey. In 2016, the year when Trump and Hillary Clinton competed for the presidency, only 33% of American respondents were able to accurately say which “three powers” the separation of powers in the United States refers to. We have a lot of this. The audience can blurt it out, right: Legislative, executive, judicial, Congress is the legislature, the White House is in charge of the executive, and the Supreme Court of the United States is the highest level of the judicial system. This is to put it simply.

So in 2016, only about one-third of Americans were able to speak about all three powers. But in 2020, the year Trump is running for re-election, 51% of respondents can name the “three powers”; this year, in 2021, this number has increased to 56%! I think the reason for this, the audience can also say one or two. Let alone the Americans, let alone the first four years, in the months of the general election at the end of 2020, how many foreigners who do not understand American politics have become experts in American politics? The Americans are even more so.

As we said earlier, this is because national politics is more and more closely related to personal life, which has produced “proximity”, so people’s political-related knowledge will increase. For example, since the beginning of this year, the price of gasoline in the United States has climbed to the highest point in six years, and the price of natural gas has also soared to the highest point since 2009. This is closely related to the lives of Americans. This means that heating bills in winter may have to rise. The cost of driving out will increase, and the price increase of these things has a lot to do with the policy of the authorities.

Then there are other issues in the survey we just mentioned. For example, this year, more and more Americans are clearly aware of some freedoms. Because of its free system, the United States has many people born with it. It is as free and simple as breathing air, so it didn’t know any freedom rights at all. But in recent years, these rights have been threatened more and more, and people realized: Oh, it turns out I have this right to freedom, and I have that right to freedom.

For example, this year, 74% of Americans know that their “freedom of speech” is protected, which is related to discriminatory reports in the media and the obvious control of speech by social media giants; 56% of Americans clearly know “belief “Freedom” is protected; 50% of Americans know that “freedom of the press” is a protected constitutional right. Does everyone say this is a good thing? People are aware of their rights. Isn’t this a good thing? But this is not necessarily a good thing.

The Chinese Lao Tzu said in the “Tao De Jing”: “Great ways are broken, there is benevolence and justice; wisdom comes out, there is great hypocrisy; six relatives are discordant, there is filial piety; the country is confused, and there are loyal ministers.” “Benevolence and justice”; people are becoming smarter and smarter, indicating that there are more and more bad people and bad things; parents, brothers, relatives, and friends are often inconsistent, and they often have conflicts before emphasizing filial piety and benevolence; when the country is overthrown, tyrants are in chaos. Only when the party is in power can we see who is loyal and who is evil. Isn’t that the case?

There is also a sentence in the book “Zhuangzi”: When the husband Huxu family did not know what they were doing, they did not know what they were doing, they did not know what they were doing, they were nurturing and exhilarating, and they were swimming with their stomachs. The general idea may be that in ancient times, people had no desires and actions, eating and playing with their mouths, and walking around with their full stomachs. It shows a peaceful and prosperous time, no struggle, no fight, and carefree scene.

So, when people suddenly feel that they need to emphasize something, they suddenly want to emphasize the right to freedom, and suddenly realize the importance of the right to freedom, that is not necessarily something to celebrate, because it probably means that you are losing it.

In Mainland China under the CCP’s rule, people from all over the country often petitioned for petitions, and various rights and interests were infringed. Even the little pink who has never enjoyed freedom of speech, on the other hand, still feels that it does not matter to force “freedom of speech” to be stressed. How much is “freedom” worth? Can you eat it as a meal? Is it tangible and visible? They don’t think it’s a shame to go over the wall when viewing overseas websites. They can only scold the US government together with the CCP, but they can’t scold the Communist government at a word. It is a shame.

But just because of the word “freedom”, young people in Hong Kong are going to succeed, because they have owned it, know its true value, and are now losing it, really trying to protect it.

However, the Chinese have lost too many rights to be named, so in recent years, a commonly used term has been spawned called “rights protection”. Correspondingly, the CCP regime needs too much stability, so I summarized another high-frequency vocabulary called “maintenance of stability.” In a truly peaceful country, these two words will never appear.

[Hengda warns of facing “major disadvantage”, the Chinese Communist Party organized a delegation to station in and sentenced Xu Jiayin to “death penalty”]

The recent “Hengda” crisis has triggered new rights and stability operations. The shadow of Evergrande is huge, even covering the whole of China. Its debt reaches two trillion yuan. The fall of this behemoth in the real estate industry is likely to damage the Chinese economy. It will also be like a large domino. , Has a serious chain reaction, so that it implicates the world‘s financial stability. The situation before and after this issue, I gave you a detailed introduction on the program yesterday, today I will not introduce the background, just talk about new developments.

On September 14, Evergrande submitted an announcement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, confirming that the company’s housing sales performance continued to deteriorate in the past three months, with sales of more than 70 billion yuan in June and 43.7 billion yuan in July. It turned into 38 billion a month, a plummeting decline. Presumably, because of Evergrande’s debt crisis, people have become less and less confident in the properties sold by Evergrande. There are already two companies under Evergrande that have breached the contract and are still studying solutions.

At the same time, Evergrande also warned that if the company’s funding problems are not alleviated and the rescue measures taken do not work, then the company’s business, finances, applications and prospects will face “significant adverse effects.” This may be the “bankruptcy reorganization” that Evergrande has been reluctant to admit.

Bloomberg News quoted an insider as saying that the Guangdong Provincial Government of the CCP is considering arranging a “joint working group” composed of accountants and lawyers to station in the Evergrande Group to investigate its financial situation. Bloomberg pointed out in a report: This may be preparing for the potential “restructuring” of Evergrande. The headquarters of Evergrande is in Guangdong. At present, the Guangdong authorities are still selecting suitable candidates for the “joint working group.”

Although Evergrande verbally denies bankruptcy and reorganization, its actions are “honest” and all reveal a huge sense of crisis. The business life-saving mantra of “big to fail” seems to be impossible to play at Evergrande. The current Communist Party seems to choose to watch Evergrande’s “free fall” indifferently, and even “step on a foot.” As a result, Dafa has encountered “closed doors” everywhere.

Xu Jiayin, the owner of Evergrande who has had many contacts with Jiang’s Zeng Qinghong family, recently directly requested the Guangdong Provincial Government for assistance, but was rejected by the Guangdong Province.

The “Nanhai Housing and Construction Bureau” of Foshan City, Guangdong also stated in a recent official document that they would suspend the acceptance of Evergrande’s “real estate mortgage” business, which means that you have to buy Evergrande’s house and cannot get bank loans. , Simply put, Evergrande’s house will not be sold.

This involves at least nine real estate projects of Evergrande in the local area, including Evergrande Yuefu, Evergrande Yuhu City, Dayujing Peninsula, Foshan Evergrande City and other residential projects. Foshan City took the initiative to ban all Evergrande’s local loans, and it was when Evergrande needed the money most. This undoubtedly made up for Evergrande.

The case of Foshan is being interpreted by many media as the CCP’s sentence of “death penalty” to Evergrande.

Now, Evergrande is in a dilemma with the people collecting debts before the Communist Party to make up for it.

[Clash between police and civilians in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Evergrande and the Communist Party use each other? It’s broken, it’s over a hundred]

On September 13, a crowd of protesters appeared in Chengdu, Sichuan, and went to the local Evergrande branch to defend their rights. They were all victims of buying “Hengda Wealth” financial products, chanting the slogan “Hengda pays back” and left. Arrived outside the gate of Evergrande. Like other social events, people did not wait for the officials to come to Evergrande, but waited for the CCP’s police. These public security officers not only snatched banners from the people at the scene, but many people were also arrested.

Investors of Evergrande financial products revealed to The Epoch Times that some police officers have obtained the list of investors from Evergrande, and are calling investors one by one, not saying that they have to pay back the money, but warning against the so-called “trouble.” “. Even mainland social media, such as Douyin and Kuaishou, have begun to delete videos shared by investors on the platform in unison.

Even if Evergrande does not receive any help from the CCP, it is clear that the CCP is extremely afraid of social chaos and it will desperately maintain stability. Therefore, no matter how unreasonable Evergrande is, if there are people publicly defending their rights, the CCP will take the initiative to solve the problem. The “person” who needs to solve the problem. Relying on this deformed “advantage”, even if Evergrande owes money, it becomes an uncle. It is precisely because of the big hooligans behind to watch the scene that its senior officials dare to pay the debts of funds in advance on the grounds of “something at home”. , I dared to unilaterally modify the payment terms without having to discuss with ordinary investors.

And Evergrande’s recklessness is also good for the party. First, Evergrande’s check at the front desk prevented the Communist Party from the anger of many people; second, the Communist Party let Evergrande break the pot, and the money was lost. Many people’s money might not be recovered in this way. If Evergrande and the CCP play this kind of mutual exploitation game, the “insiders” of both parties actually make money, not lose money, lose money, or lose money. It is the individual investors of ordinary people or the buyers of houses. This also happens to be “common prosperity”.

Also on September 13, outside Evergrande’s Shenzhen headquarters, many protesters continued to block the door. They shouted the slogan “Hengda pays back my hard-earned money”, but they also did not wait for Evergrande’s management. The personnel were directly rushed to clear the scene by a large number of riot police, the banner was taken away, and the two sides pushed each other, causing the scene to get out of control. Someone who participated in the rights protection said: Some of them were forced to sign a confidentiality agreement, and the authorities would not allow them to tell what happened to them.

At present, Evergrande has proposed disguised solutions such as “repaying debts with assets” for these investors. According to Lu Peimei, vice president of the financial services business of Evergrande Fortune, Evergrande has more than 200 million square meters of land reserves and a large number of real estate, which can be used to repay debts.

For example, investors can choose Evergrande’s real estate, including houses, shops, parking spaces, etc., based on the amount of arrears, as a “repayment” method; they can also choose another redemption plan, which is cash instalments, and financial products expire. After that, the payment will be made once on the last working day of the month, and then on the last working day of every three months thereafter, but each time it cannot exceed 10%. Investors are very upset with the above two schemes and are unwilling to accept them.

First of all, Evergrande did not discuss with investors carefully what investors wanted to do; secondly, if the debts were not repaid, they defaulted, and then they had to pay in installments, which made investors unacceptable. This really owes money. It’s the uncle, and you can pay back whenever you want. Moreover, Evergrande said that using assets to pay off debts, which is seen by some people is tantamount to passing on a crisis. You can use things that Evergrande can’t sell by itself to pay back the money. When investors think about it, this is a loss, so they are also very resistant to it.

They just hope that Evergrande can redeem all the cash in arrears as soon as possible in accordance with the contract. It’s that simple, but Evergrande does not do it. On the one hand, Evergrande executives are unwilling to “bleed”, just as some of the same victims of Evergrande employees put up a banner: “Hengda is full of money, and employees are bankrupt.” , On the other hand, is a profound confirmation that there is a serious problem with Evergrande Capital. The biggest hidden black hand in the Evergrande problem is the so-called “government” that should come out to uphold justice, but it is nowhere to be seen. The people defend their rights by themselves, but the “government” acts as Evergrande’s thug.

So, the current situation gives me the feeling that the CCP may want Evergrande, which has a debt of 2 trillion yuan, to be destroyed.

[Xiamen’s “closing city” confirmed to overtake Putian and Fujian’s epidemic affecting “Wu Tong”]

This is an issue of Evergrande, so let’s stop here. Another crisis in mainland China is the outbreak in Fujian.

Putian City in Fujian Province is known as the “shoe capital”. The shoes you wear now may be made in Putian, and Nike in the United States also has a foundry here. Of course, the shoes produced in Putian are not all genuine, but also counterfeit, so many fake and pirated shoes are also produced here.

I always think that the homophony of this title is not good. Both shoes and shoes sound a bit awkward. And now this city is encountering the “siege” of the Delta strain of the Chinese Communist Party virus (Wuhan virus, New Coronavirus). Since the first case was discovered on September 10, as of September 14, there have been 76 people diagnosed in Putian. This is only the number officially reported by the CCP, and it should actually be more.

The local towns of Yuanzhuang and Jiaowei in Xianyou County are all medium-risk areas. There is also a high-risk area in Fengting Town. What is more noticeable to the outside world is that the plague has already invaded Putou Primary School and Xiesheng Shoe Factory in Fengting Town. Hey, this name is also a bit evil, “Xiesheng Shoe Factory”. The first cases reported in the above elementary school and the shoe factory were all from the same family. A pair of children in this family went to that elementary school. At present, 18 people are known to be infected. The wife works in a shoe factory. At least 13 people have been infected in the shoe factory.

Then this family is a family of four, and the father in the family we didn’t mention what happened to him. He is considered to be the source of the current chain of infection in Putian. CCP experts said that he was infected overseas. After entering the country on August 4, he was quarantined in Xiamen for two weeks and then in Xianyou Town, Putian for a week. Then he went home. He did not test positive until September 10 and was considered to be The rare “extra-long incubation period”.

However, experts from the CCP also doubted how could it have been lurking for so long, so they also put forward another argument, that is, men may not have been infected overseas, but may have another source, but where is the source? Even the CCP’s Health Commission At present, there is no clear statement.

Putian has a permanent population of 2.87 million. The man was found to be diagnosed on September 10th. According to the usual practice, he went forward for two weeks, that is, between August 26th and September 10th. He left Putian and walked out of Fujian Province. There are 30,000 people! Mainly go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, and people there may transfer to Zhuhai, Florida, Huishan and other places.

If the man’s incubation period is so long, it is difficult to say whether the 30,000 people who left Putian have been infected. So, these places we just mentioned, and many more cities, such as Sichuan Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, etc., are also investigating people from Putian.

In particular, now it is approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival and the long holiday of October in the mainland, so the traffic volume is getting busy. The outbreak of the epidemic in Putian, especially the 30,000 people who have already gone out, the authorities believes that this will affect the situation of the whole country. Influence.

In Putian, affected by the epidemic, most shoe factories have now ceased operations, the logistics industry has also suffered losses, and local economic activities have been hit hard.

In Xiamen, also in Fujian, it was reported on September 13 that people who had been in close contact with the person diagnosed in Putian had tested positive. As of September 14, official data stated that Xiamen had 35 more confirmed cases in one day, which was higher than that of Putian on the same day. There are many cases, and Putian has 24 cases. Among the Xiamen cases, 33 people worked in the same handicraft factory.

This shows that the virus strains in Putian, Fujian and Xiamen, have a fairly strong infectious ability. Xiamen therefore began to implement strict closed prevention and control, requiring residents not to leave the city unless necessary. Starting at 0:00 on September 14th, all local communities will be closed for management. Those who want to go out must attach a health code green code and a 48-hour nucleic acid test certificate. , The ground long-distance traffic has been suspended, the airport has been strictly investigated, and various places in the city have begun to control the flow of people, and many indoor venues and scenic spots have been affected. Gulangyu, a well-known scenic spot in Xiamen, has also been affected, and indoor exhibition halls and other places have ceased operations. The entire city of Xiamen is a closed city.

On the streets of Xiamen, there are also large stadiums, where a large number of citizens gather to wait for nucleic acid testing. Some Xiamen netizens are questioning that the official said that the epidemic was transmitted from Putian, but why did Xiamen’s single-day diagnoses surpass Putian? Some people say that there are a lot of people going to Xiamen in Putian, and there have been at least 50,000 people in recent days.

In addition, Quanzhou City in Fujian also announced on September 13 that 3 confirmed cases were found.

The overseas media “Watch China” quoted analysts as reporting that the current epidemic in Fujian has affected the 73rd Xiamen Group Army, which is likely to participate in the so-called “armed reunification” of Taiwan by the CCP, and the Second Mobile Corps of the Armed Police Force in Fuzhou. This is indeed the case, because these soldiers are bound to guard against viruses that cannot be hit by cannons, bullets cannot be touched, and Xi’s thoughts cannot be unified.

[National military exercises Taipei offensive and defensive Swiss friendly Taiwan proposal, strong Taiwan threatens Shanghai and Zhejiang]

At the same time, Taiwan’s national army on the other side conducted the second day of “Han Kwong 37 Exercise” on September 14, including training programs to prevent enemy troops from invading Taipei and the Presidential Palace from the “Tsui River”. Internationally, there are more and more voices supporting Taiwan. The European Lithuanian Economic Minister Aušrinė Armonaitė recently sent a tweet to welcome Taiwan’s investment mission to Lithuania and other three countries. The flag of the Republic of China with “blue sky, white sun and red all over the ground” was also generously displayed in the tweet.

On September 14, the House of Commons of the Swiss Parliament also passed the bill “Improving Relations with Taiwan” by an overwhelming number of votes. When the bill is finally passed, it will help Switzerland to deepen exchanges with Taiwan in the fields of politics, business, and culture. .

On the other hand, the CCP authorities are now busy purging and responding to various internal crises. The so-called “armed reunification” of Taiwan is still in a state of intimidation for the time being.

In addition to the epidemic in Fujian, the new strong typhoon “Sandu” also poses a serious threat to Shanghai and Zhejiang. The mainland authorities predict that “San Du” may land in the area from Zhoushan to Xiangshan in Zhejiang Province, or enter through Hangzhou Bay. On the 13th and 14th, all elementary and middle schools and kindergartens in Shanghai will be closed. On the 15th and 16th, Shanghai’s parks, scenic spots and playgrounds will also be closed. The operation of flights at Shanghai Airport will also be severely affected. The 15th and 16th may be the two days most affected by the typhoon.

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