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Sustainable mobility and aerospace, ITS a record with 98% of employees

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The gold medal arrived with the latest Education-Indire monitoring: the two-year ITS course in automation and mechatronic systems – which saw 100% of the students who attended it enter the company – was the first ever in Italy on the more than 200 ITS routes evaluated. And in the autumn, two other courses are being considered, again on mechatronics, in particular on the management of electric vehicles, thus increasing the courses from the current 5 (4 in Turin, 1 in Novara) to 7.

We are at the ITS for Sustainable Aerospace / Mechatronics Mobility in Piedmont; a flagship of the Italian system of professionalizing non-academic tertiary education. Founded in 2010, today this Its Foundation has over 200 partner companies, direct and indirect, about 300 students between the first and second year of the course, who specialize in the design, development and programming of mechatronic systems, in industrial automation, in industrial logistics. and use the main enabling technologies of Industry 4.0.


«The keys to success are two – tells us Siegfried Pilone, director of the ITS -. First, the very close link, right from the planning stage of the routes, with businesses and the territory. With us, over 80% of the teaching comes from the productive world. Second, we do a lot of “on the job” activities, according to a consolidated model of specialized training tailored to the needs of the Piedmontese industrial fabric that boasts a history of over 60 years. Our courses all have a total duration of 1,800 hours (900 hours per year), of which more than 600 in the company. The remainder (about 1,200) in innovative and avant-garde laboratories, alongside technicians and professionals from companies, universities and research centers ».

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The results can be seen: 98% of students are employed one year after obtaining the diploma of higher technician, and in 100% of cases in a job consistent with the course of study and work carried out in the two-year period.

The Piedmont region, added Pilone, “gives us an important hand, in some years financing even more than 80% of the cost of each course. With the new funds coming through the NRP, we will still improve locations and equipment; then we will grow the paths to allow more students to access them. We strongly believe in the development and support of local communities: after having trained the boy in our laboratories, we offer internships and hiring in companies in the area of ​​origin ».

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