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Tajani ready for the Quirinale: the sensational indiscretion from FI

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Tajani ready for the Quirinale: the sensational indiscretion from FI

Antonio Tajani president of the Republic? It is not such a risky hypothesis

It all stems from an indiscretion reported by Dagospia and attributed to Paolo Barellithe new group leader in the Chamber of Come on Italy (a position which he had already held) given as a very loyal one of the Foreign Minister. “Our task is to bring Tajani to the Quirinale, Mattarella’s successor”, so he would have said to his family in a private meeting but not too much, as happens deliberately in these cases.

Let’s do some math. The first Mattarella’s mandate it started in 2015 and ended in 2022. The second should therefore end in 2029, when the president would be 88 years old. So they are missing well six years to the natural conclusion of the seven-year period but the hypothesis of interruption, as also Giorgio Napolitano did, is by no means far-fetched, both for age and for the natural wear and tear that the demanding position entails in any case.

Antonio Tajani he will turn 70 this year and due to his role and Italian politics he is considered in fact a “young”. Roman of Ciociaria origins, law graduate, professional journalist in Rai, he was also in charge of the Roman editorial staff of Il Giornale at the time of Montanelli’s direction. He begins in the 80s to do politics in Youth Monarchist Front but the turning point comes when he participates in the foundation of Forza Italia in 1994 and until 2005 he was also regional coordinator in Lazio, a position on which he built his power. In 1994 he was elected to the European elections, in 1999 he was reconfirmed. He was defeated in the ballot to be mayor of Rome by Walter Veltroni in 2001. In the end he was elected five times to the European elections.

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EU Commissioner for Industry and Transport, he was also President of the European Parliament. Current foreign Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and coordinator of Forza Italia. Tajani’s has been a robust career, especially at European level. His ascent was slow and steady but it was built by weaving an fitta network of international acquaintances which also gave him prestige in his homeland.

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