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Take care, Meloni and the inept

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Take care, Meloni and the inept

Scurati against Meloni: the historical origins of the problem of fascism and anti-fascism in the post-war period

Yes, yes, beyond the case itself, that is: famous and notable writer Antonio Scurati (author of successful tri/tetralogy on Mussolini) censored by RAI, Italian radio and television, manned by zealous officials at the service of the right-wing governmentfor having written a short monologue in which the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is directly accused of not openly declaring herself to be anti-fascist, therefore of being the indirect (and also in reality direct) heir of the political and material instigators of the murder of Giacomo Matteotti, the last socialist deputy to oppose fascism before fascism permeated Italian society without limits, for twenty years, until the collapse and defeat, ignominious and tragicomic, in the Second World War. June 10 this year will be the anniversary of the murder: one hundred years ago. And does it seem like yesterday? It almost seems like yesterday, you bastard. As we know, Italy is a country with too much or too little memory, the right one is a bit difficult.

RAI first turns a deaf ear, then he spreads rumors of a lack of economic agreement on the basis of a few hundred Euros, Scurati denies it, gives away the monologue, the presenter of the television program who had commissioned the speech reads it live anyway, the prime minister intelligently anticipates the move by spreading the monologue on her social networks in the afternoon, claiming her opposition to censorship as she has already been a victim of this practice in the past, at the same time not giving up her typical victimhood and raving about other people’s propaganda.

Roberto Sergio, CEO of RAI, falls from the tree saying he knows nothing and threatens punishment, left-wing journalists are outragedthose on the right deny the evidence and whine about the whining of the left, the most astute journalists tell the only truth: that is, that RAI TV, even before the disgusting Renzi, but especially after, is de jure and de facto in the hands of the government of turn, right or left, which only the donkeys behind the blackboard still think are two different things.

Now obviously the minuet has begun and the multiple jig of opinions and rumors from the corridors, from the streets and from the palace that follow the case, which rightly has its weight because it concerns a little unresolved problem, a trivial little thing like this: the original meaning of the foundation of our republic.

The Italian Republic founded on the defeat of fascism and the anti-fascist resistance, as well as on the Anglo-American invasion, illo tempore bearer of democracy, can afford the misunderstanding as well as the Popper paradox of not only tolerating the heirs of fascism within itself, but also of having included them in the system and, as a supreme masterpiece of democracy and at the same time of nonsense, of elevating them to the top of the state?

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In fact, Scurati accuses Giorgia Meloni of a lack of anti-fascism, already a 15-year-old activist of the Youth Front, a youth organization of the Italian Social Movement-National Right. It then moved on to Azione Giovani, a youth organization of the National Alliance, a new party born from the MSI on the initiative of Giorgio Almirante’s dolphin, Gianfranco Fini. Giorgia becomes a deputy of AN, then a young minister in the Berlusconi government no. 4, after Berlusconi has cleared the former pariahs of the old MSI, bringing them with him to the government in the electoral and political Frankenstein in tri-tandem with Umberto Bossi’s former Lombard League.

Once that government fell, Giorgia became president of Giovane Italia, the youth organization of the Popolo della Libertà, Berlusconi’s single party which merged with the AN, with a suicidal move by Fini, which would later determine his political death. After which not only AN and the PdL sank, but also Berlusconi himself, in 2012 Giorgia founded her new right-wing party with Ignazio La Russa and Guido Crosetto: Brothers of Italy, she remained in opposition for ten years until she won the elections of 2022 and is appointed the first female Prime Minister in the history of the Italian Republic. A nice little tour that is worth summarizing pedantically. And voilà.

But WHAT WAS the Italian Social Movement/MSI-DN, from which the post-war race starts? The MSI-DN was in turn the post-1972 version of the Italian Social Movement, a party founded in 1946, originally called the Italian Movement of Social Unity, put together by Giorgio Almirante and a group of veterans of the fallen ITALIAN SOCIAL REPUBLIC, called also improperly Republic of Salò, and therefore former members of the Republican Fascist Party, in turn heirs of the National Fascist Party, which died in 1943 and was born in 1921 from the previous Fasci Italiani di Combattimento, in turn heirs of the Fasci d’Azione Rivoluzionaria founded by Benito Mussolini in 1914. So far so good ladies and gentlemen: the Italian three card game.

Now, SIORE AND SIORI, you can imply, affirm, deny, claim or deny, update, modernize, camouflage or reinterpret even your grandfather in a wheelbarrow, as they used to say; you can change your name a hundred times in another hundred years, but if you have a great-grandfather, a grandfather and a fascist father and you keep the bust of the Duce at home, either you definitively abandon it to the second-hand dealer and don’t think about it anymore or you are essentially that stuff there, it’s not like you can take the piss out of the whole neighborhood beyond a certain card exchange limit, especially if it’s that stuff that got you the cadrega.

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But the point is: is that cadrega PER TABULAS legitimate, given that IN THEORY you should have the cadrega labeled anti-fascism while remaining the heir of fascism? The answer is YES, because SO it was decided by the founders of the Italian Republic as well as, with much greater weight, by the Anglo-American victors, and not without a good dose of a certain wisdom: to defuse fascism, impossible to “exterminate” (in say) as was attempted (and was not done, on the contrary) in Germany with Nazism, it was thought to domesticate it and include it in the new democratic system, educating it and soothing it with the joys of the New Euro-American world. At stake was the stability of the institutions, governed largely by officials who had served the fascist regime in the previous twenty years, and above all the nipping at the bud of the communist danger, which in 1946 could have brought Italy into the opposing camp. , or that of the SOVIET UNION.

Certainly, it is very, very convenient to talk about past and present fascism rather than the ineptitude of an entire political and social ruling class. Yes sir, Italy is not only incapable of expressing a shred of leadership of professional politicians who are not idiots or scoundrels or the mixed ice cream of both, but above all it is unable to produce the most important thing: a national intelligentsia able to control and above all to punish and replace the most embarrassing elements that have landed on the threshold of the palace.

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Why was Italy prey to fascism after the First World War? Due to a lack of political and social ruling class in liberal monarchic Italy. Why was Italy prey to the disastrous dichotomy of Christian Democracy vs. Communist Party after the Second World War? Due to the lack of a political and social ruling class. Same thing after Tangentopoli, same thing after Berlusconi, same thing after Draghi and the COVIDDDI. We are not capable, there are no saints. The other large European countries are also in similar conditions, but we, as usual, are worse. And there are no prospects. Giorgia Meloni can win or lose, by a narrow margin or not, the next European elections, nothing will change anyway: the opposition will always be made up of lame puppets completely photocopied by the rulers, the agenda always remains the same, dictated by Washington and Brussels. And if Giorgia loses her role prematurely, she will be replaced by yet another technical government. She doesn’t leave.

In 1922 the Royal Army, victorious in the Great War, did not fire on the fascists who came from the North to occupy Rome. One hundred years later we are still here paying the bill. In 1946 the ghost of the Royal Army, defeated for having sold out to the fascists, did not fire on the defeated fascists guilty of collaboration with the German occupiers, massacres of Italians and genocide of the Jews. In 2020, the Italian Army and the police forces passively suffered and actually implemented the follies of the Lockdown and the Green Pass. Today in 2024 we are surprised that Giorgia Meloni is the current heir of fascist parties. Maybe it would have been better to think about it beforehand, when there was shooting to do. Now it’s a little late.

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