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Talking Tom Cat and Xihu Xinchen Collaborate to Drive the Adoption of AI Applications

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Talking Tom Cat and Xihu Xinchen Accelerate the Application of Artificial Intelligence

On July 9, Xihu Xinchen, a leading AI company, announced the launch of their self-developed general-purpose large-scale model called “West Lake Large-scale Model.” This announcement coincided with the news of strategic investment from Tom Cat, a popular listed company (stock code: 300459). The collaboration aims to expedite the application of large artificial intelligence models.

During the press conference, Xihu Xinchen showcased the integration of artificial intelligence applications with Tom Cat’s intellectual property (IP). The product demonstrated various features such as object recognition through photography, oral English tutoring, popular science education, dialogue enhancement, and interactive guidance. These functionalities rely on the multi-modal algorithm and model interaction capabilities of the West Lake Large Model, encompassing text, pictures, and voice.

Internal evaluations indicate that the West Lake model is comparable to GPT-3.5 in core tasks like writing and dialogue. Furthermore, the model ranks sixth and seventh in terms of cognitive ability and reasoning ability, respectively, according to the SuperCLUE and C-Eval evaluation benchmarks for Chinese general-purpose large models. These rankings solidify the West Lake model’s position among the top models in China. Xihu Xinchen’s team believes that the model’s combination of “high EQ and high IQ” perfectly aligns with the digital interactive companion features and application scenarios of Tom Cat’s IP. As a result, the two entities will accelerate the implementation of large-scale model applications and collaborate to create a range of Tom Cat products that can listen, watch, speak, teach, and accompany users.

Tom Cat boasts a well-established online and offline industry ecosystem centered around its popular “Talking Tom Cat Family” IP. The mobile applications of the Talking Tom Cat Family have been downloaded over 20 billion times globally, with an average monthly active user count of 400 million. Building on the core feature of the IP, Tom Cat had commenced testing text interactions with ChatGPT in December 2022, and launched an internal AI project in February 2023. The company is actively engaged in product development and expansion within the field of artificial intelligence to create a truly interactive “Talking Tom Cat.”

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Tom Cat emphasizes that its collaboration with Xihu Xinchen and their powerful computing resources has enabled Talking Tom Cat to offer intelligent features such as educational science dissemination, emotional companionship, and intelligent dialogue. Notably, these features have already undergone iterative upgrades, showcasing the product’s advancements.

Furthermore, Tom Cat’s overseas research and development team is actively working on the development and implementation of artificial intelligence applications. The team has conducted tests using innovative models that combine GPT with preset databases. These experiments leverage pre-training language models such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, along with technical services like Embeddings, to enhance the user’s intelligent chatting experience while reducing interaction costs.

Regarding future cooperation with the West Lake Big Model, Tom Cat disclosed that the model is user-oriented and possesses not only a “high IQ” but also the ability to remember users’ historical interaction information and personalize the model’s personality and preferences accordingly. Additionally, the model can discern and respond to users’ emotional states, enhancing the warmth of human interactions. This aligns perfectly with Tom Cat’s future plans for artificial intelligence interactive products. The two parties also plan to collaborate extensively in areas such as multi-modal general large-scale models, vertical field models, and terminal software and hardware, thereby facilitating personalized emotional companionship.

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