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Technological Challenges that Lead to Game Delays

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By 2030, the gaming market is set to become a $470bn industry, which is over double what it was in 2021. With big players battling it out in the console war, money is everywhere. That brings about the question, why does an industry that is worth billions, have such a hard time sticking to its word?

How Game Delays Influence the Market

Big game delays have led to a surge in online gaming, as people are now seeking out traditional and classic titles as a result of simply having nothing else to play. Even casino games are on the rise. The casino sector is set to reach USD 56921.42 million by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 14.71%. Now, it seems that people would rather play blackjack online games at Paddy’s, than wait 16 months for Blizzard to release their newest title. So why are casino games in particular making a comeback? A lot of it comes down to the fact that there’s so much choice. Blackjack alone has many varieties you can play, with themes that span from vibrant, colorful tables to classic themes and even options to play with live dealers. 

Casino games don’t take as long to develop either, meaning new titles are hitting the market all the time. Gamers can take relief in the fact that they only have to wait months for a new release, not years. The games are all top-tier quality too, as they’re based on classic frameworks, rather than new, complex engines. People know what to expect, and this makes them a consistent option for gamers across the globe. 

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Delays Can Affect a Developer’s Reputation

One clear-cut reason why game delays happen is because the sector of game development is full of moving parts. A company may develop a combat system in a week, which may meet the deadline. If testers find that it’s boring and predictable, this could elicit an overhaul, which could take well over a month. Developers all say the same thing too, that game production takes a long time, and there’s not much you can do about it. 

Delays aren’t taken lightly. Delays damage the reputation of a studio, and they also result in major financial consequences. Retailers have their pipelines interrupted, and delays in disc production can have a monumental impact on release dates. As new tech hits the market, professionals are keen to adopt it, which in some instances can mean undoing months of work. Constantly moving the goalposts can have an impact on developer morale too. It’s not just the game side of things that influences delays either, because audio and visual effects departments often have to wait until the game is finished before they can do their part. 

Technological challenges are rife in complex games, and release dates are not often realistic. Developers know it too, but they have no choice but to set a date because fans find it hard to be interested in a release if they have no idea when it’s going to hit the market.

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