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Technological innovation to fight mafias in the economy: focus at the Bocconi Festival of Management

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Technological innovation to fight mafias in the economy: focus at the Bocconi Festival of Management

A correct managerial culture can help the development of the country and can also be an important tool against organized crime. The first edition of the Management Festival, underway at the Bocconi University today and tomorrow, organized by the Italian Management Society (Sima), opened this morning with a panel focused on contrasting the development of the mafia in the economy. Pasquale Angelosanto, general and commander of the Special Operations Group of the Carabinieri, immediately highlighted the fundamental elements for effectively fighting organized crime: «The first concerns the use of technology, therefore the technological enhancement of the police structure, and then the ‘internationalization of investigations’. In fact, the battle against the mafias today passes above all through technological innovation: «Today the use by criminal organizations of communication channels and systems is very topical, making it difficult for interception, the use of encrypted devices, satellite communication channels – adds the commander of the Ros -. All this makes the search for proof difficult, therefore the police structure must equip itself with technology, so as to be able to fight effectively ».

A point on which Maurizio Vallone, director of the Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate, also agrees: «Strong skills are needed to manage the last frontiers of interceptions: for example, Holland is a very small country but in the last three years it has hired 300 hackers who they have the task of puncturing the networks of criminal organizations”. In Italy, on the other hand, «recruitments in the police force have certain procedures and the salary we can pay is not attractive for a hacker. We have to rely on cooperation with Italian universities to train our staff». We need to keep our guard up especially in the management of the resources that will arrive in our country with the Pnrr, which can be a strong attraction for organized crime: «2023 and 2024 are fundamental years for the Pnrr because we are starting to have the first awards, tenders and the first openings of construction sites. This is the time to shift attention to the part of the prevention activity, to check the contracts and construction sites one by one».

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Luciano Violante, magistrate and president of the Leonardo Foundation, also intervenes on this aspect, according to whom to defend the Pnrr contracts from the mafia: «You have to spend, invest. It’s not that you don’t invest because of the mafia risk. You have to keep your eyes wide open because money is a lot and time is short, so haste could push you to pass certain rules but this would be a mistake ». Precisely for this reason “Parliament and the Government must be asked to make more streamlined rules”. But above all tax crimes are one of the tools through which crime thrives: «Today’s mafia manager is a subject who knows the rules of the market and the technicalities with which to implement his illicit interests, he has relationships with officials of local bodies because the tenders are very attractive – explains Antonio Nicola Quintavalle Cecere, general and commander of the Central Organized Crime Investigation Service of the Guardia di Finanza – Today tax crimes are one of the sectors most used by the mafias to launder money and here the contrast must be transversal with very sophisticated tools and highly specialized figures».

The opening morning of the Festival welcomed the institutional greetings of the mayors of Milan, Naples and Palermo to «underline the importance of the relationship between municipal administrations and managerial skills» explains Sandro Castaldo, Past President of Sima. The event’s objective, through discussion panels that focus on ecological transition and sustainability but also innovation and major sporting events, is to «start a cross-sectional discussion on culture, knowledge and values ​​that can promote the development of the country – declares Arabella Mocciaro Li Destri, President of Sima – Management means “carefully” managing activities, businesses, but also people. Also inspire communities, to fuel civil, social and economic progress, widespread happiness and well-being”. The Festival continues tomorrow with debates, among others, on Special Economic Zones (ZES) and International Development, but also on geopolitics and innovative models for the supply chain. A special eye will also be dedicated to the protection of public health, with a talk that will stop at Mind, the innovation pole built in the former Expo area, which will be attended, among others, by Sergio Dompè, CEO Dompè Farmaceutici and Gianmario Verona, chairman of the supervisory board of the Human Technopole Foundation.

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