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Telepass and Generali: 30 digital services in a single device with Next

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Telepass and Generali: 30 digital services in a single device with Next

Next, a single device with over 30 digital services

Next is the first new generation device destined to revolutionize the daily mobility of Italian motorists. The services offered, in fact, evolve into a connected ecosystem, integrated on board, capable of anticipating and supporting people’s needs and of combining the best of insurance and mobility services in a single and innovative device.

Thanks to Generali Jeniot technologies you can contain the risk on the road thanks to real-time interaction with real time coaching, be contacted automatically in the event of an accident or request a hands-free contact with an operator in case of need, obtain certification of the state of use and mileage of your car, also as a support in the event of fines or disputes, activate the “find vehicle” service or activate a “geo-fence”, a virtual perimeter to set entry or exit alerts on a defined area.

Present the “classic” Telepass services

At the same time, Next becomes the enabler of the main ones services offered on the move by Telepass. It is therefore possible to pay motorway tolls and parking lots, the road tax and activate the memo notification, refueling, automatically receive a refund in the event of a delay on the motorway caused by heavy traffic, but also for example, open the gate of the house, activate services related to the Skipass or the washing of your car at home, offered by the company of the Telepass group, Wash Out.

With Next, the use of telematics is a lever of sustainability that encourages responsible driving behavior, generating a positive social and environmental impact.

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Generali ensures the movement of people, not just the car

Over the last five years, Generali has innovated insurance for connected and sustainable mobility by focusing on technology, with investments in new skills, IoT and Big data, and with a new modular offer and a model of interaction with digital and smart customers.

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