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Ten billion private equity star fund manager resigns! “Redeemed the product early, and lost the bet?” The response came_ Securities Times.com

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(Original title: Sudden! Ten billion private equity star fund manager resigns! “Redemption of the product early, the bet loses?” The response came)

There has been a lot of private equity recently. In addition to quantitative head private equity Mingshi investment disputes over control rights, the head stock private equity Shiva also reported the resignation of well-known fund managers.

Tom Meng leaves Shiva
Investors were shocked: “Feng Liu second”, how could he leave?

The departure of Tang Meng, the fund manager of Shiva Investment’s “Huiyao” series of products, has become one of the focus of attention in the industry recently.

According to the data, Tang Meng joined Shiva in 2015 and was the first group of employees who followed Liang Hong to start a business. From a trader, to a researcher, and an assistant fund manager, he became a fund manager step by step. In April 2019, he released his first product, the first product of the “Huiyao” series. It has outstanding performance and accumulated many fans and customers. In the following two years, he released another product.

Tripartite data shows that despite the poor performance this year, Tangmeng has still doubled its overall revenue since 2019.


His investment philosophy, according to his own statement,Not surprisingly, not seeking speed, but seeking stabilitySeek unbeaten first, then win Do high odds and don’t do difficult problems.

According to the market’s understanding of him, he is a trend-based investor, and some people even think that his style is very similar to Feng Liu, calling him “Feng Liu No. 2”. Nowadays, the market is shocked by the news of resignation.

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It was said that the product was redeemed in advance, and the “gambling loss” ran away
Liang Hong responded: nonsense

It is worth noting that Tangmeng’s poor performance this year represents a maximum retracement of more than 20% of the product.


Now that he suddenly resigned, there are rumors in the market that Tang Meng redeemed the product more than a month in advance, and then took a gamble and resigned.


In response, Khiva’s founder Liang Hong responded in the latest weekly report: This is nonsense.

Liang Hong said that Huiyao’s products have public performance disclosures, and Tangmeng’s redemption was also after a relatively large net worth drawdown. The online rumors are completely nonsense. Please follow the official announcement.

Specifically, according to Liang Hong, on September 29 and September 30 before the National Day, Tang Meng and his family redeemed the Huiyao series of funds they purchased, and then went to work at the company after the holiday on October 11. On the first day of his resignation, Liang Hong and Tang Meng decided to respect his choice after in-depth communication and accepted his resignation application.

Liang Hong will take over Tangmeng’s products
“I will try my best to recover the loss”

Regarding Tangmeng’s products, Liang Hong said that the next step is to take a series of countermeasures:

1. In order to avoid damaging the interests of investors due to liquidation caused by the resignation of the investment manager, after the company’s internal decision, I will take over Tangmeng’s products, so Huiyao’s holdings will be adjusted, and the strategy is the same as that of Mavericks and Bulls;

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2. Announce and inform investors about the change of fund manager as soon as possible;

3. On this open day, the company will use the company’s own funds to purchase 10 million yuan each for Huiyao No. 1 and Huiyao No. 2;

4. Considering the change of investment manager, some investors will still choose to redeem, so we also open redemption at the same time on Friday’s open day, and waive redemption fees, allowing investors to choose freely.

“But because Tang Meng is mainly a long-short + trend strategy, his positions are dominated by strong stocks. This week, due to the adjustment of strong stocks in the previous period, Huiyao’s net value is expected to have some decline. As the founder of the company, I am an investor who wants to redeem. I express my deep apologies for the losses incurred. But I will try my best to save some of the funds and recover the losses.”

Finally, Liang Hong said that Shiva has been very stable since its establishment in 2014. Now there are more than 50 platform employees and nearly 30 investment and research personnel. It is already a very mature team, and it will not be due to one or two people. His departure has an impact on the company. He will continue to work hard with the team to manage all products.


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