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Termini Imerese, last call to sell the former Fiat factory

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Termini Imerese, last call to sell the former Fiat factory

The race actually began yesterday and will end at 13 o’clock on 15 September, the day on which the deadline expires for presenting offers for the purchase of the Termini Imerese Business Unit, headed by Blutec Spa in extraordinary administration led by three commissioners. This is foreseen in the tender published yesterday, the second in a few years, for the sale of what used to be the Fiat plant in Termini Imerese which then passed to Blutec. With the publication of the notice, the process for the relaunch of the area resumes and although it is, after all, a stage awaiting the definition of the buyer, it is a fundamental step.

The Termini Imerese business unit includes the former Fiat industrial plant (which alone covers 400,000 square meters), the small sheet metal factory and the plastic components and automotive module site (formerly Magneti Marelli). The notice invites “all interested parties to present their irrevocable and guaranteed offers for the purchase of the entire Termini Imerese Business Unit, or of the sub-branches including the subordinate employment relationships existing with 564 employees, the tangible and intangible fixed assets of Blutec Spa under extraordinary administration, the trademarks as well as any other element or document or knowledge». Another key point: both the entire business unit and the individual company branches are for sale and the bidder must indicate whether he intends to acquire all or one or more company branches. As regards the former Fiat industrial plant, the bidder must also indicate whether it intends to acquire the entire property or only a fraction of it and how it intends to proceed with its division. The ancillary conditions envisaged by the tender which look at the protection of workers are interesting: “The bidder must guarantee the activity of the corporate perimeter of the Termini Imerese plants for at least two years, the maintenance of employment levels, compliance with the industrial plan”.

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However, the last word always belongs to the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy. A virtual data room has been made available with information relating to the sale of the Termini Imerese Business Unit where it is also possible to find details of the evaluation of the site which will be taken as a reference for the evaluation of the offers. The tender recalls that the plant is located in the Zes area and that on 4 April 2023 a new program agreement was signed for the reconversion and redevelopment of the complex crisis area of ​​the Termini Imerese Industrial Pole which provides for a total allocation of resources equal to 105 million. The program agreement provides for a fund of 30 million in favor of the workers currently employed by Blutec.

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There are three known consortiums interested in participating so far: there is the one headed by the Mechatronics District and which includes the initiative of the Ukrainian entrepreneur Sergey Shapran who with his Alumeta aims to invest 50 million (of own capital ) for the construction of a factory for the production of aluminum profiles and components, with a capacity of 1,100 tons per month and the hiring of at least 300 workers; that of Italvolt by the Swedish entrepreneur Lars Carlstrom who moved the project for an electric battery factory to the Palermo area; and finally the initiative headed by the current president of Catania Calcio, the Italian-Australian Ross Pelligra, head of a group considered world leader in the construction sector.

«The publication of the announcement is excellent news for Sicily. For months we have worked tirelessly to ensure that the factory, which had been closed for years, could have a new life. This is an important first step» says the regional councilor for Productive Activities, Edy Tamajo.

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