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Terna, shareholders’ meeting approves 2020 financial statements and dividend

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – Terna’s ordinary shareholders’ meeting approved the company’s financial statements as at 31 December 2020, illustrated by the CEO and general manager Stefano Donnarumma. The consolidated financial statements and the 2020 Sustainability Report – consolidated non-financial statement were also presented. At the time of the opening of the meeting, approximately 66.72% of the share capital was represented at the meeting. On the proposal of the Board of Directors, a dividend for the entire 2020 financial year of 26.95 euro cents per share was approved, with 99.37% of votes in favor (+ 8% compared to 2019, in line with the presented to the market) and the distribution – gross of any legal withholdings – of 17.86 euro cents per share, with the balance of the interim dividend of 9.09 euro cents already paid from 25 November 2020. The the balance of the dividend will be paid from 23 June. The shareholders’ meeting approved, with a percentage of 98.67% of the votes, the long-term incentive plan based on the company’s ordinary shares and called “Performance Share 2021-2025”. The shareholders’ meeting authorized the Board of Directors, with a percentage of 99.40% of the votes, to purchase and subsequently dispose of treasury shares for a maximum of 1.95 million ordinary shares of the company, representing approximately 0.10% of the share capital, and a total outlay of up to 10 million, it being understood that the Terna shares held from time to time in the portfolio by the company and its subsidiaries may not in any case exceed 10% of the share capital. The purchase of own shares was allowed for 18 months. Lastly, the shareholders’ meeting approved the first and second sections of the Report on the remuneration policy and remuneration paid by Terna. (ITALPRESS). ads / com 30-Apr-21 14:36

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