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Tesla flies with the maxi purchase Hertz and is worth 1 trillion

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Tesla of records. The electric car giant flies to $ 1 trillion in market capitalization: it is the first carmaker in the world to hit that threshold. Tesla’s sprint is accompanied by that of Elon Musk, who is enriched by almost 29 billion with the jump of stocks on Wall Street, reaching a value of 281 billion dollars, more than the co-founder of Google Larry Page and the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg together.

Behind the ‘king’ Musk is Jeff Bezos who – according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index – is worth only 193 billion.

To give Tesla shares wings is the maxi order from Hertz, which has ordered 100,000 Model 3s to renew its fleet and make it more electric and environmentally friendly, meeting consumer demands. An order that for the electric car giant translates into 4.2 billion in revenues for Tesla. For Hertz this is an ambitious move with which to raise their profile compared to rivals: the Models will be available on the American market and in Europe and Hertz is also committed to installing thousands of battery chargers to make life easier for its customers. “Electric vehicles are now for everyone, and we’re only at the beginning of growing demand,” said Mark Fields, Hertz’s interim chief executive. After overtaking Toyota in 2020 by becoming the car manufacturer with the largest capitalization, Tesla enters the Olympus of companies worth 1 trillion, joining Microsoft, Aramco, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon. Hertz’s maxi order was another confidence boost in Tesla after the quarter, which showed a 380% jump in earnings to $ 1.62 billion. The Musk giant produced more than 509,000 cars last year and analysts believe that in 2021, deliveries could rise to 900,000 cars, reaching 1.2 million in 2022. For Musk, the 1 trillion milestone is a personal satisfaction ; his response to the Cassandras who have been criticizing him for years and seeing no future for his creature.

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