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Textile machinery beyond pre-Covid

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Textile machinery beyond pre-Covid

Acimit focuses on two themes to support the country’s textile machinery sector: digitization and sustainability.

The digital transformation process has already led many companies in the sector to revisit the production process, making it more efficient and cheaper. Digital is advancing at a decisive pace in the textile machinery supply chain, where more and more often we speak, for example, of the Internet of things to connect the corporate ecosystem, of machine learning algorithms applied to production, of predictive maintenance, of cloud for management integrated of the various departments.

Acimit has focused decisively on the Digital Ready project, with which the Italian machines that adopt a common set of data are certified with the aim of facilitating integration with the operating systems of client companies.

The other challenge is to combine production efficiency and respect for the environment: a goal that Acimit promotes among the associated companies also through the Sustainable Technologies project. Launched as early as 2011 at the association level, the project highlights the commitment of Italian textile machinery manufacturers in the field of sustainability. At the heart of the project is the Green Label, a green certification dedicated to Italian textile machinery which highlights the energy and environmental performance. A made in Italy seal developed in collaboration with Rina, an international certification body.

The ad hoc survey carried out by Rina Consulting highlights how the technological implementations that the companies participating in the project have made to their machinery translate into benefits in terms of environmental impact (reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions of the machinery), and in economic advantages for the users of the machines.

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