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The 2022 Digital Earth Ecology Summit was held in Hefei, China Science and Technology Xingtu jointly initiated the establishment of an industrial fund_Development_Wisdom_Enterprise

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Original title: 2022 Digital Earth Ecological Summit was held in Hefei, China Science and Technology Xingtu jointly initiated the establishment of an industrial fund

China Securities News (Reporter Wu Keren) A reporter from China Securities News learned from Zhongke Xingtu on August 14 that the “2022 Digital Earth Ecology Summit” jointly sponsored by the Hefei High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee and Zhongke Xingtu was held at the Hefei, Anhui Province was held. The theme of this summit is “Digital Earth Leads Digital Economy, Aerospace Information Empowerment Industry Upgrade”.

At the summit, the Hefei Xingtu Aerospace Information Technology Industry Fund, initiated by Zhongke Xingtu in conjunction with the government platform and social capital, held a signing ceremony for the launch and establishment. The industrial fund is committed to promoting the development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the aerospace information industry chain, supporting the development of The aerospace information industry in Hefei has grown and developed.

All parties attach importance to the construction of the digital economy base

Entering the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, with the full implementation of national strategies such as “new infrastructure”, digital economy, rural revitalization, and “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”, industrial transformation and upgrading, industry integration and innovation have accelerated, and the digital earth industry has accelerated. Usher in development opportunities.

Wu Yirong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of the Institute of Aerospace Information Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in his speech that, as the “national team” of the national strategic scientific and technological force, the Aerospace Institute has been actively promoting the transformation and industrialization of achievements and fostering the ecology of the aerospace information industry. At present, the development of my country’s digital earth industry is vigorous.

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The digital earth industry plays an increasingly important role in local economic development. It is understood that the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government attach great importance to the development of the digital earth industry and the aerospace information industry, and actively deploy in the fields of deep space exploration, satellite communications, Beidou navigation, high-resolution remote sensing and other major national engineering fields, attracting China Science and Technology Star Maps, etc. A group of leading enterprises in the industry, the related advantages are being further highlighted. In the next step, Anhui will aim at the major opportunities for the integrated development of the digital economy and aerospace information, and further strengthen its efforts in scene design, talent training, financial support, etc., and strive to create a new highland for the high-quality development of the digital earth industry and aerospace information industry. .

It is worth mentioning that the launching ceremony of the Zhongke Xingtu Digital Earth Science Center was held at the construction site and the summit site.

Zhongke Xingtu Digital Earth Science Center is the foundation and base of the “GEOVIS Digital Earth Global Headquarters Project”. In the future, it will develop the world‘s leading GEOVIS digital earth series products and build a global operation headquarters, improve the intelligent acquisition and processing capabilities of satellite data, and build satellites. Application scenarios to provide global users with high-quality digital earth online services and experiences.

Since joining hands with Hefei High-tech Zone in November last year, Zhongke Xingtu has insisted on efficient promotion and paid close attention to implementation. In February this year, four subsidiaries of Zhongke Xingtu—Xingtu Earth, Xingtu Wisdom, Xingtu Measurement and Control, and Beidou Fuxi settled in Hefei High-tech Zone, injecting strong impetus into the development of Hefei’s aerospace information industry.

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Released new products of GEOVIS digital earth series

At this summit, Zhongke Xingtu released the new products of GEOVIS digital earth series.

Among them, the new products of GEOVIS Earth series are an important measure for Zhongke Xingtu to open up the mass market, and it will strive to become an online digital earth product with international competitiveness. This is one of the results of the cooperation between Star Map Earth and Hefei Hefei Hengjiyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which was incubated by the University of Science and Technology of China.

In terms of other products, GEOVIS Insight-Aerospace product series products master the core technology of satellite management, overcome key technologies such as telemetry parameter separation and multi-source data fusion, and have a leading position in the field of aerospace engineering design, simulation and satellite measurement and operation control.

GEOVIS+ smart management series products create smart product lines for industrial applications such as smart agriculture, smart emergency, smart transportation, smart water conservancy, smart forestry and smart cities, and provide strong spatial information support and smart decision support for government smart governance and service modernization .

The TAPES variable resolution adaptive weather forecast system is a multi-scale adaptive high-performance, customizable weather forecast system with high efficiency, high score, precision and exquisite features, which can be used for aviation, navigation, agriculture, energy, etc. Provide customized and refined weather forecasting services, lead new changes in weather forecasting models, and help my country’s high-quality meteorological development.

The GEOVIS enterprise digital earth application service platform deeply cultivates enterprise energy, helps digital transformation, intelligent upgrade and service innovation in various industries, and provides strong support for enterprises to create new digital momentum.

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The iWhereMapper 1.0 Beidou grid data map base platform builds a three-dimensional model system with coexistence of virtual reality and virtual integration, and provides a new big data space-time base for emerging industries such as smart cities, digital twin cities, and intelligent driving.

Shao Zongyou, vice chairman and president of Zhongke Xingtu, said in his speech that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the company has formulated a group-based, ecological and international development strategy. The group development trend with the six major sectors of aerospace measurement and operation control, enterprise energy and online business as the core, and realizes the strategic transformation of the company’s organizational structure, while maintaining stable and rapid growth in operating performance.Return to Sohu, see more


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