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The 2023 “GF60 Green Finance Cases” for selecting green gold industry models are announced – Mobile Financial Industry

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GF60 Green Finance Cases 2023: Leading the Way Towards Sustainable Development in China

The results of the 2023 “GF60 Green Finance Cases” have been announced, recognizing and awarding the best financial institutions and innovative cases in the field of green finance. The event, sponsored by the Green Finance Forum of 60 (GF60), aims to commend benchmark companies and excellent practices that have demonstrated outstanding performance in the field of green finance. The announcement of the winners of the competition took place on December 10, with more than 20 financial institutions and entities being honored for their contributions to green finance.

The “GF60 Green Finance Cases” event has gained significant attention and participation from various industries since its inception in 2022. It aims to provide demonstration benchmarks for the development of green finance and encourage continued exploration and innovation in the field. The 2023 event saw an upgrade, with an expert panel composed of authoritative experts and industry leaders from international institutions, industry think tanks, and academic representatives. The evaluation dimensions covered environmental, social, economic, governance, and other aspects, making the event more international and diversified.

The two categories of “Best Financial Institution” and “Best Innovation Practice” were retained for the 2023 event, with applicants submitting their application materials independently. The evaluation process involved a preliminary screening of participating institutions and cases, followed by scoring by an expert jury to select outstanding financial institutions and innovative practices in the field of green finance.

The announcement of the winners of the “Best Financial Institution” category saw 12 financial institutions being honored for their comprehensive performance in environmental protection, social responsibility, corporate governance, and economic benefits. These institutions were recognized for their contributions to environmental issues and the promotion of green development.

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Similarly, the “Best Innovation Practice Cases” category recognized 12 outstanding practice cases that were representative of the industry. These cases focused on the potential of green development, examining environmental, social, and economic performance while conducting a comprehensive evaluation of product innovation capabilities, low-carbon technology empowerment, and social responsibility fulfillment.

The event organizers expressed their hope that through the “GF60 Green Finance Cases” event, market entities will actively implement the concept of green development, accelerate the pace of green financial innovation, and effectively serve and support the needs of green and low-carbon transformation to promote high-quality economic and social development.

The announcement of the winners of the “GF60 Green Finance Cases” event comes at a crucial time as the global community works toward achieving sustainable development goals. The event serves as an essential platform to recognize and promote green financial innovation, contributing to long-term sustainable and healthy development of the economy.

*Disclaimer: The content, data, and tools in this article do not constitute any investment advice and are for reference only. The stock market is risky, so caution is advised when investing.

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