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The alternative house with a ‘green roof’ that guarantees energy self-sufficiency

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The alternative house with a ‘green roof’ that guarantees energy self-sufficiency

Global warming, currently responsible for the drought, requires a radical revision of the culture of living. Hence the need to design our homes with a bioclimatic approach by exploiting the natural inclination of the sun, exactly as the case suggests. Bluehouse which is now a school. In 2010, in full financial turmoil, Marco Bittuleria native architecture scholar of Arzana in Ogliastra with a past as a surveyor and construction site technician and a passion for the Bauhaus, he threw the stone into the pond giving life to an innovative company thatsustainable building he made his mantra. From that point on, first in Sardinia and then in Trentino Alto Adigehave sprung up like mushrooms terraced houses and multi-storey buildings with the ‘green roof’ built with wood panelsa ductile and exquisitely natural material, capable of autonomously regenerating itself by guaranteeing energy self-sufficiency and an ideal and safe condition of home life because it is absolutely healthy. Which, in times when our homes have been transformed into offices due to confinement, is a great advantage.

“I come from the surroundings of Arbatax and in my part of the house the houses are built with ancestral and ecological criteria and materials such as wood and lime that ensure tenants an elixir of long life: it is no coincidence that Ogliastra boasts an undisputed primacy in terms of longevity of its inhabitants One of the advantages of a wooden house is that it drastically reduces humidity and is only warm in winter thanks to the application of the principles of the so-called ‘passive house’ which substantially does not exploit alternative energy resources with respect to the sun and the wind. “Thanks to his idea of ​​building very green wooden houses around Italy, Bittuleri has seen a rise in a few years into his business and in the last three years Bluehouse has scored one turnover growth of 40% about, an important result of this Made in Italy which is above all a export model.

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“Germans and Austrians are courting us because they are attracted to our construction system; the market is in turmoil and our company is booming not only in the beautiful country. Canada have requested our building solutions and for the future we do not exclude contract collaborations with prominent interior designers and prestigious furniture design brands: we will soon get there. “The secret of Bluehouse is an enormous consideration of the requests of customers, home buyers: “I wanted to get out of the traditional cement and brick building chain in which five professionals work who do not communicate with each other: unlike those who build houses with traditional materials, highly perishable over time and very polluting, we we offer constant monitoring of consumption and energy costs because even our homes, like cars, sometimes require a ‘service’. And then the estimates of a property made of wood are never susceptible to changes. Furthermore, the alternative buildings that we propose generate a exponential reduction of indoor humidity which in our buildings is about 60% compared to ordinary houses in concrete and brick. And also on the side of anti-seismic standardsa wooden house can make the difference: while reinforced concrete buildings collapse during earthquakes, a wooden house remains stable, this is proven “.

Therefore, if the Bluehouse model were to really take root on a large scale, we would not only gain in health but also in safety because aesthetics are not the most relevant aspect when buying a house as the father of the modernism Walter Gropius. “The house is our second skin, an irrepressible need of human beings and comes immediately after food: we often forget this when we buy a property; I hope for the future a revaluation of the house designed to live better to respect and thus enhance the environment and nature “, concludes Bittuleri

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