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The Apulian marine wind farms will be assembled in Taranto

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The Apulian marine wind farms will be assembled in Taranto

The areas of the Taranto container terminal as a base for unloading, storage and assembly of the wind farms designed by the companies Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy in Puglia. Surely the terminal will be a reference for the construction of the floating offshore park off the Adriatic coast of Salento (Otranto) and most likely also for the one planned off Brindisi. In perspective there could also be the wind farm of Calabria.

Falck Renewables (which at the beginning of 2023 will change its name to Renantis) and BlueFloat Enery have agreed on a first basis of understanding with Yilport, the Turkish group which, through the company San Cataldo Container Terminal, manages the port infrastructure under concession. The next step will be the definition of an agreement. In the meantime, the companies promoting the investment keep the communication channels open with the Municipality of Brindisi.

The Brindisi knot

In the Adriatic city, the choice of Taranto by Falck Renewables and Blue Float Energy has raised concerns and protests. With two interpretations in this regard: a backtrack with respect to a confrontation already initiated between investors and the Municipality and a further confirmation of how the different no’s of the local administration, combined with unclear positions on the prospects of the city, ultimately discourage those who intend to invest . A thesis, the latter, expressed above all by Confindustria Brindisi, with the president Gabriele Menotti Lippolis, and by the president of the Port Authority of the southern Adriatic Sea, Ugo Patroni Griffi.

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The mayor of Brindisi, Riccardo Rossi, instead confirms the interest of Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy. But there is a problem: the areas. Those of Brindisi (we think of Capo Bianco) must be infrastructured with Pnrr funds and present problems to be clarified with ENAV, given the proximity of the airport (between the blade and the platform it is a question of moving a high-height building).

The availability of Taranto

Those of the Taranto terminal are already available. Ready. In fact, Yilport is the concessionaire of a 1,800 linear meter quay (this is the multi-sector pier, renovated years ago with the funds of the institutional development contract) and has rear-port areas for one million square meters. In the past months, the terminal operator has already carried out special cargo and project cargo operations, as well as handled break-bulk loads of generators for on-shore wind farms.

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