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The Battle for Digital Advertising Supremacy: Walmart vs Amazon

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The Battle for Digital Advertising Supremacy: Walmart vs Amazon

Walmart’s latest fight with Amazon is digital advertising

Walmart and Amazon, two of the biggest retailers both online and in real life, are now shifting their focus to advertising space in a bid to boost revenue.

Walmart recently announced plans to expand its advertising business through the acquisition of smart TV maker Vizio for $2.3 billion. This move will allow Walmart and advertisers to connect with customers through various screens, expanding their e-commerce reach.

Insider Intelligence forecasts show that Walmart is set to increase its advertising revenue by nearly 40% this year, ahead of other companies. Other players in the industry, such as Instacart, Target, and Amazon, are also expected to ramp up their ad sales in the coming years, turning their online platforms into additional channels to attract customers and drive revenue.

Amazon, which already dominates the advertising market, saw its advertising business grow by 27% year over year, according to its latest quarterly report. This growth comes as the company continues to expand its reach and influence in the digital advertising space.

The market’s trend towards turning digital operations into advertising opportunities has also been evident in other ways, with Amazon set to join the Dow Jones Industrial Average, replacing Walgreens. This move highlights Amazon’s transition from an e-commerce giant to a major player in the ad tech industry.

According to Oliver Chen, a senior research analyst at TD Cowen, digital advertising is the future for Walmart. By owning both the store and the advertising space, Walmart is positioning itself for success in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

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As companies like Uber also embrace advertising opportunities, it’s clear that the digital advertising market is set to continue growing, with more players entering the space to capitalize on this trend.

In conclusion, Walmart and Amazon’s focus on digital advertising signals a shift in the retail industry towards leveraging technology to connect with customers and drive revenue. With competition heating up in the digital advertising space, it will be interesting to see how these retail giants continue to innovate and adapt to the changing market landscape.

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