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The Beijing News – Good news, endless

2022 is the 70th anniversary of Xifeng Wine’s winning the title of “Four Famous Wines”. Behind this honor is Xifeng Liquor’s inheritance of traditional craftsmanship and liquor culture as an old famous liquor. It also requires the brand to adhere to ingenious brewing, quality first, green health and cultural empowerment in the face of practical challenges such as consumption upgrades and industry reshuffle.

According to Zhang Zheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Xifeng Distillery Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Shaanxi Xifeng Wine Co., Ltd., China‘s liquor industry will truly enter a new era of “quality leadership” in the future. While building a new quality and new value expression system for Chinese famous and fine wines to make liquor consumption more comfortable and secure, we should actively inherit the innovative liquor culture, tell the story of Chinese liquor, and enhance the influence of Chinese national brand value.

Zhang Zheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Xifeng Winery Group Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Shaanxi Xifeng Wine Co., Ltd.Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Food safety is the cornerstone of wine industry development

Beijing News:Compared with ten years ago, what do you think is the current safety level of alcoholic products in my country?

Zhang Zheng:At this stage, the safety level of alcoholic products in my country is at the best stage in history. Xifeng Wine believes that food safety is the red line and bottom line of the industry and the cornerstone of industrial development. Quality is the original intention and lifeblood of the brewing industry, and it is related to the healthy and sustainable development of the entire industry. The awareness that quality is king and quality is supreme has long been deeply rooted in the marrow and blood of liquor companies.

Because the products are directly oriented to end consumers, Xifeng Wine has always put improving product quality and ensuring product quality at the top of all work of the enterprise. In recent years, wine companies have made unremitting efforts in all aspects of product safety. The industry-wide quality standard system for safety is gradually improving, the testing level of wine products has been continuously improved, and the government’s supervision and assistance has also been increasing. The scale and intelligence of enterprises are developing rapidly, and technological innovation in the industry is rapidly improving. China‘s liquor industry is moving in the direction of safety first and “quality is king”.

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Beijing News:What do you think of the changes in consumer attitudes towards alcohol food safety over the past decade? How did Xifeng Wine respond?

Zhang Zheng:In the past ten years, consumers’ attitudes and cognitions towards alcoholic food safety have been improving. When choosing liquor products, they are more concerned with price and flavor, and have gradually tended to pursue product quality, brand connotation and green health.

For Xifeng Wine, the ever-changing liquor industry environment and increasing consumer demand require Xifeng Wine to stimulate the famous wine genes in the body and release greater vitality. In recent years, Xifeng Wine has integrated the pursuit of quality into all aspects of enterprise development and penetrated into every corner of management. In the future, Xifeng Wine will continue to improve product quality, expand market scale, enhance brand image, innovate cultural expression, and create a new ecosystem for manufacturers to win together.

Beijing News:What specific measures does Xifeng Wine take to ensure product quality and safety?

Zhang Zheng:For Xifeng Wine, safety is only the foundation, and quality is the soul. 2021 is the year of quality improvement of Xifeng Group, and the quality improvement actions carried out have achieved remarkable results. The first is to establish a 400,000-mu raw grain planting base, and to implement 55 defense lines with 7 levels from the countryside to the dining table, and a quality control network from horizontal to side and vertical to point; High-quality production capacity, energy storage foundation; at the same time, the introduction of intelligent brewing, intelligent brewing, digital empowerment of traditional industries, the use of intelligent brewing production systems, intelligent wine collection pipe network, improve quality stability and production efficiency; in addition, benchmarking against world-class EU and other world-class Standards, established 12 new standards for raw materials, packaging materials, Daqu, etc., improved 21 rules and regulations, and improved the quality of Xifeng liquor with the most stringent technical standards; also relying on the platform of colleges and universities to compare the old and new techniques of Fengxiang liquor Experiments such as environmental microbial improvement in the new workshop, promote the solidification and finalization of the brewing process of Xifeng wine, and improve the quality rate of Daqu and base wine; finally, adhere to the ingenuity of brewing, carry out activities such as mentoring, labor competition, and craft forums, and explore and refine “quality” The highlights and innovative measures of the “Year of Promotion” have promoted the transformation of quality management “behavioral norms” into “action consciousness”.

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Culture helps the high-quality development of the industry

Beijing News:What kind of development do you think the Chinese liquor industry has experienced in the past ten years?

Zhang Zheng:The most prominent change in the liquor industry is that the product structure presents a trend of polarization, and there is a clear distinction between high-end consumption and low-end consumption; at the same time, it is concentrated in high-end and branding, and consumers’ consumption tendency is moving towards high-end famous wines.

For liquor companies, this trend will lead to the development of high-quality and high-quality products. The social resources and capital of liquor companies will also move forward in the direction of famous wine, high brand and high reputation.

Beijing News:As a famous Chinese wine, what role do you think Xifeng wine should play in the development?

Zhang Zheng:Xifeng Liquor is the founder and typical representative of Fengxiang liquor. This year marks the 70th anniversary of Xifeng Liquor winning the “Four Famous Liquors”. No matter in these 70 years or in the future, Xifeng Liquor has always been a practitioner of process optimization and a guardian of product quality. And the communicator of liquor culture.

Beijing News:When it comes to culture, what do you think about the role of culture in promoting the development of the liquor industry?

Zhang Zheng:With the upgrading of consumption and the acceleration of industry reshuffle, the liquor industry has concentrated on brand, quality, category and culture, innovating in inheritance and injecting cultural confidence, which is a new energy for the development of the liquor industry. For the liquor industry, rich cultural connotation is a bridge to communicate with the outside world. The inheritance and persistence of quality have brought the Chinese liquor industry from ancient times to today, and cultural empowerment will continue to support the Chinese liquor industry into the future.

Beijing News:As an old-fashioned four famous wine, how does Xifeng wine inherit and carry forward in terms of culture?

Zhang Zheng:As one of the oldest historical and cultural wines in China, Xifeng Wine will give full play to the advantages of “double heritage”, continue to excavate history and culture, tell the story of Xifeng well, carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and enhance national cultural self-confidence. At the same time, it is necessary to take quality as the soul, culture as the wing, and project as the body, to create an industrial tourism line mainly based on Xifeng Wine Culture Museum, Xifeng Old Street, etc., and build a new ecology for the spread of Xifeng wine culture. At the same time, take advantage of the Chinese Fengxiang liquor characteristic production area to create and hold the Fengxiang liquor culture festival, plan the construction of Xifeng Winery, and use the cultural language and carrier that consumers are willing to listen to, understand and like to listen to. The story of Chinese liquor is told more vividly and down-to-earth.

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The new industrial system leads the “first-class” goal

Beijing News:What do you think is the focus of the development of the wine industry? What is the next focus of Xifeng Wine?

Zhang Zheng:The focus of the development of the wine industry has three points: quality first, brewing good wine and brewing higher-quality wine; culture as the soul, inheriting the excellent Chinese culture, advocating healthy drinking methods, and telling the story of Chinese liquor; consumer-oriented , to be a good “shop second”, to build a new expression system for the quality, value and standard of Chinese famous wines and fine wines, and to present more value-added services to consumers. For Xifeng Wine, determining the goal of “returning to the first-class famous wine sequence” is a comprehensive consideration based on the background of the times, industry trends and the actual situation of the enterprise itself.

Beijing News:What method will Xifeng Wine adopt to achieve the goal of “returning to the first-class”?

Zhang Zheng:We have developed a “three-step” recovery strategy. The first is to seize the dividends of the policy adjustment of the liquor industry, and to solve the bottlenecks and shortcomings that restrict development and narrow the gap with leading enterprises through measures such as building brands, expanding markets, expanding production capacity, improving quality, and strengthening management; the second is to further strengthen The comprehensive strength and competitiveness of the enterprise, carry out deeper reforms and a wider range of innovation, and gradually form a new development pattern of brand systemization, market nationalization, high-quality production capacity, and modern management, so as to achieve development in line with leading enterprises; the third is to implement The “high-end nationalization” development strategy focuses on a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, realizes comprehensive progress in corporate management, cultural integration, new business formats, intelligent manufacturing, etc. The transition to “collar”.

August 9, 2022 “Food Safety • Ten Years” The Beijing News special issue of food safety.

Beijing News reporter Xue Chen

Edited by Zhu Fenglan

Proofreading Zhai Yongjun

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