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The Benevento company Clesi acquires former prefabricated Mabo buildings

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The Benevento company Clesi acquires former prefabricated Mabo buildings

Clesi prefabbricati, a Benevento company specializing in industrialized construction, is growing through acquisitions. The company – which is headed by entrepreneurs Luigi, Sergio and Ettore Izzo di Montesarchio – has concluded an important consolidation and business development operation by acquiring a new production unit, formerly Mabo Prefabbricati, which is based in Supino, in the province of Frosinone. This is one of the most important acquisitions in the prefabricated sector carried out in recent years.

The plant, in fact, has a daily production capacity of 350 cubic meters per day (among the highest in Italy in the sector) and has a turnover of around 40 million a year. Modernization work has started which will cost approximately 5 million.

Other acquisitions under study

The assets of the caudina company are expanding, aiming at Central Italy for the growth of its activities, aiming towards the North of the country. «We are working on a new acquisition – explains Luigi Izzo – between Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. Operation to which we allocate an investment of the same amount ». Then he adds: «We work in a sector that is experiencing a very strong dynamic phase. Our goal is to consolidate ourselves among the most important Italian players in the sector. Despite the difficult moment due to inflation and the winds of war in Europe, we do not give up but accelerate with continuous investments ». Thus the Benevento Clesi continues the expansion of its business. “We are already in negotiations – reveals Izzo – with important entrepreneurs to take over production units also in the north of our country”.

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A growth favored by innovation

Today the company is growing also and above all thanks to important innovations adopted following an intense collaboration with universities, on research projects. In the first place with the University of Naples, Federico II. «Among the most representative productions are the“ President ”, a roofing element widely used in Italian construction sites, the innovative Sofos, the lightest prefabricated floor for civil and residential use on the market (all the work of the Benevento company). Last but not least, the entirely prefabricated foundation “Themelio”, the subject of a state-of-the-art patent.

Clesi (70 employees) does not find personnel to hire

In 2021, the company currently has an order book of 18 million. It has around 70 direct and indirect employees and would like to hire more. «But finding workers is very difficult – concludes Izzo – the lack of personnel is now an emergency. on which it would be necessary to intervene as soon as possible “.

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