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The big news came from Lithium King, and the new energy rebounded fiercely. The two main players rushed to raise these performance stocks (listed) _ Oriental Fortune Net

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The big news came from Lithium King, and the new energy rebounded fiercely. The two main players rushed to raise these performance stocks (listed) _ Oriental Fortune Net

  new energyBecome the “most beautiful boy” in this round of rebounds.

Recentlynew energyPlate can be described as positive frequently. In terms of fundamentals, Pilbara completed the second auction this year, and the price of US$5,955/ton was in line with expectations, highlighting the prosperity of the industry.

Policy benefits also followed one after another.This morning, Shenzhen issued a number of measures to promote the continuous recovery of consumption. The notice mentioned that support for individual consumers to purchasenew energycar.A subsidy of up to 10,000 yuan per unit will be given to individual consumers who newly purchase eligible new energy vehicles and are licensed in Shenzhen. Fully implement the national policy of exempting vehicle purchase tax for new energy vehicles.

Known as the “Lithium King”Ganfeng Lithium Industrydisclosed last nightEquity incentiveplan,performanceThe assessment target is 2022net profitNot less than 8 billion yuan; the cumulative net profit from 2022 to 2023 is not less than 18 billion yuan; the cumulative net profit from 2022 to 2024 is not less than 28 billion yuan.

  Big news from Lithium King

for thisEquity incentiveThe plan, the market is also “raised to welcome.” As of the close of the morning,Ganfeng Lithium IndustryA shares rose more than 3%, and Hong Kong stocks rose nearly 4%. Some analysts said,Ganfeng Lithium IndustryThe company’s performance target is not high, and the company’s first-quarter net profit has reached more than 3.5 billion yuan.However, justEquity incentiveIn terms of price, it is quite sincere, the exercise price reached 118.6 yuan, and the stock closed at 118.99 yuan yesterday.

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For the future trend of lithium ore prices,CITIC Construction InvestmentIt is pointed out that since Pilbara first auctioned lithium concentrate in July 2021, the auction price has gradually become the market vane. If the Pilbara auction price is effective in leading the domestic time index, it means that the domestic lithium carbonate cost will be close to 400,000 yuan at the end of the third quarter.Under the support of costs, the price of domestic lithium salts may continue to rise in the third and fourth quarters, and the price of lithium carbonate in April may become the lowest price of the year since the second quarter.

  New energy rebound fiercely

The price of lithium ore continues to stabilize at a high level, highlighting that the current new energy vehicle is in line with the high prosperity of the industry.In view of the epidemic, overseasQualcomminflation and a volatile global economy, MinmetalssecuritiesIt is believed that the short-term sales growth rate in 2022 should not be overly optimistic, but the medium-term development trend of the industry is still clear.On the one hand, continue to be optimistic about high profitability flexibility and fully implemented this year.Upstream Lithium Resourcesas well as those with higher barriers and steady growthMidstream separator, negative electrodeOn the other hand, in the darkest moment of cost pressure, it is necessary to pay attention to the new energy vehicle with vertical integration structure, scale effect, product strength and brand promotion.

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In this round of rebound, the new energy vehicle industry chain is also one of the best performing sectors in the market.securitiesTimes·Databao statistics, since April 27, the first-level industries of Shenwan have been related to the new energy vehicle industry chain.automobiles, electrical equipment,non-ferrous metalsThe three major sectors rose more than 20%. A group of individual stocks rose fiercely,Hengdian East MagneticsCostaGreat Wall MotorsTianqi Lithium IndustryRongjie sharesOther stocks rose more than 60%.

  two bigmain forceGrab these performance surge stocks

The main capital also favors related stocks.Data treasure statistics, obtained on May 25Northbound FundsAmong the stocks that have increased their holdings of over 100 million yuan, 5 stocks are new energy stocks. in,Ganfeng Lithium IndustryChina Mining ResourcesYiwei Lithium EnergySuch individual stocks increased their holdings by more than 150 million yuan.

Leveraged funds are also making big moves. According to the data, there were 182 individual stocks with a net purchase amount of more than 10 million yuan yesterday, of which 23 shares had a net purchase amount of over 50 million yuan.

  Tianqi Lithium IndustryThe net purchase of financing ranked first, with a net purchase of 286 million yuan on Wednesday, followed byJACJiangte ElectricThe net purchase amount of financing was 254 million yuan and 157 million yuan respectively; the top net purchase amount of financing wasBYDSalt Lake SharesGreat Wall MotorsWait.

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The performance of some of the above-mentioned stocks also increased sharply in the first quarter.for exampleGanfeng Lithium IndustryThe net profit in the first quarter increased by more than 6 times.China Mining ResourcesYongxing MaterialsEnjie sharesThe net profit of other stocks has increased by more than 100%.

(Article source: Data Treasure)

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