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The bubbles push the tricolor wine, direct sales up

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The bubbles push the tricolor wine, direct sales up

Piedmont beats Tuscany as well as bubbles surpass still wines. And online sales, Tannico in the lead, are increasingly closely following traditional channels. In general, however, the tricolor wine is in excellent health. Both in terms of numbers and in terms of growth prospects. This is what emerges from Mediobanca’s annual report on the 251 main Italian joint-stock companies with 2020 turnover exceeding € 20 million and aggregate revenues of € 9.3 billion. And if the most skeptical of the future are the operators most exposed on the channel off tradeie retail and large-scale distribution, for others the increase in direct sales guarantees greater security.

Also because today “direct-to-consumer” wine sales are worth between 5 and 10% of the total, compared to the 70% registered in Napa Valley, and wineries that have an e-commerce portal do not arrive 15%. A trend destined to increase also thanks to the development of software such as WineSuite created by Divinea which allows you to associate sales data to customers – today only 26% of wineries manage to do so – and interpret the data in a business key, combining the collection and processing of buyer information with automated data-driven digital marketing actions.

Returning to Mediobanca numbers, in 2022 the sector should grow by 4.8% driven by exports (+ 5.6%) and bubbles (+ 5.7%). A trend that confirms the results of last year when the major Italian wine producers closed with an increase in turnover of 14.2% (+ 14.8% the domestic market, + 13.6% abroad) and with bubbles (+ 21%) which accelerated more than still wines (+ 12.4%) while cooperatives contained growth to + 9.2% (non-cooperatives + 19.6%).

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Meanwhile, finance has begun to reshape the ranking of major manufacturers with mergers and acquisitions that have changed the podium. If Cantine Riunite-GIV remain in first place; behind them rises Italian Wine Brands which climbs five positions after the acquisition of Enoitalia and the US Enovation Brands. The Botter-Mondodelvino pole from the Clessidra fund completes the podium.

In terms of greater increases in turnover, Tenute Piccini (+ 61% on 2020) stand out ahead of the Lunelli group (+ 57.6%), Terra Moretti (+ 47.6%), Serena Wines 1881 (+ 40.1%) and Villa Sandi (+ 32.7%). While for profitability (ratio between net result and turnover), 2021 sees the Tuscan and Venetian companies in the lead: Frescobaldi (25.6%), Santa Margherita (21.3%) and Antinori (17%).

At the regional level, as anticipated, Piedmont, first in 2020 for the return on investments and Tuscany (which boasts the greatest financial stability) shine on the national scene. Finally, after the boom of 2020, the success of online platforms does not stop: for 2021 a further jump of more than 60% is expected. Tannico is at the top for revenues (37.1 million euros in 2020, + 83% on the 2019). Triple-digit increases for Vino.com (+ 218.7%) which, exceeding 30 million euros, occupies the second position and for Bernabei (+ 160.4%) to 25.9 million.

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