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The budget of the Municipality of Milan put at risk by the subway 4

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The budget of the Municipality of Milan put at risk by the subway 4

The budget of the Municipality of Milan has a problem that stands out more than any other. And the public transport, a growing voice over time, to which is added the fact that after the pandemic there are 15-20% fewer travelers, now considered stable. Fortunately, this year the post-Covid economic recovery is compensating, with an increase in the personal income tax revenuefrom the City taxthe return of the dividends of the subsidiaries, a new impetus to real estate valuation. And, last but not least, theticket increase of public transport, at 2.20 euros.

The numbers

The 2023 forecasting exercise highlights what is happening. It was all already announced in the financial plans of 10 years ago, but at the time it was decided to throw the heart over the obstacle. Furthermore, no one imagined that there would be a pandemic and then a war and then an energy shock and double-digit inflation to follow. Here then is that Metro 4 begins to present its bill at the most problematic moment. This year the reimbursement quota for the Municipality of Milan worth 42.5 million. But in just two years the bill will reach 100 million.

Overall, public transport is now worth 878.4 million, a figure that grows every year. In 2022 it was 843.7 million; in 2021 839.8 million. It is an inevitable process for cities that want to encourage public transport with new lines and discourage the use of cars. More services means more costs. The decisive question is who has to pay the additional costs: collective taxation? State transfers? Or is it essential to increase the tariff, passing the costs on to the citizens?

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The ticket

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the year, Milan increased the single ticket, adapting it to Istat: from 2 euros to 2.20 (while safeguarding annual season tickets and vulnerable groups).

The mayor explains Joseph Sala how are the accounts? “We have 878 million in cost this year for the management of public transport, the management seems to me to be quite efficient even if that cost can objectively be reduced, for example by limiting unauthorized use,” she explained. We’re not talking about huge numbers but that is ATM’s commitment for the future. Out of a cost of 878 million, the revenue from tickets and subscriptions is equal to 395 million. Then there is a part that comes to us from the state, from the government through the region, which is equal to 262 million – he continued -. If you do the math, there are 220 million missing. Since the budget of the Municipality must close these 220 million in parity, they are recovered in general on the taxation of the Municipality ».

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