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The business of menstruation: breaking taboos in business

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The business of menstruation: breaking taboos in business

Un getting to the heart of the matter, you have to dig through thousands of lines of marketing jargon. If you believe him, a menstruating woman can achieve anything. Improve international understanding, fight the climate crisis, prevent racism, rid the oceans of plastic and of course: finally ensure equality. And all she has to do is buy tampons, period underwear, nursing bras and the occasional sex toy.

Companies that are vehemently committed to a thematic agenda are walking a fine line. The promises of Start-ups, which will be discussed here, are large. So big that their perception could change at any time and what their founders have actually achieved is often lost. They speak of a “revolution” themselves. Of course it isn’t. But a little revolution, yes. They have discovered the weak points of our society as a niche in the market, deal with bleeding, bladder weakness, sex and menopause. To promote their products, they make videos that are only allowed to run on porn platforms due to the amount of nudity and bodily fluids. They address taboos that shouldn’t be taboos so offensively that attention is the logical consequence.

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