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The City of Children closed with the pandemic is reborn in Genoa

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The City of Children closed with the pandemic is reborn in Genoa

Costa Edutainment (the company that manages, among other things, the Genoa Aquarium) “saves”, together with the Porto Antico company, the City of children and teenagers, a structure created to play and learn at the same time in 1997 which, after an initial success and a subsequent slow decline, it had definitively closed its doors with the pandemic.

Now the City, which was previously set up in the Cotton Warehouses of the ancient port of Genoa, is reborn with a new location: right under the Aquarium in the spaces where, previously, there was a shopping gallery. The investment for the construction of the structure is almost 5 million euros, equally divided between the two partners Porto Antico and Costa Edutainment.

The latter, which managed the new structure until 2036, makes use of the collaboration of Solidarietà e Lavoro, a non-profit social cooperative society, a reality that has been working alongside it for 29 years for ticketing, reception and assistance services for the guests of the Aquarium of Genoa. The staff of the Cooperative takes care of welcoming and assisting visitors, of educational workshops and animations.

Open to the public

The City, which opens to the public on Friday 2 December, was inaugurated as part of the initiatives celebrating the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Porto Antico area, and presents itself, in a completely renewed guise, as the first experience museum dedicated to the five senses in Italy. At the disposal of children aged 2 to 12 there are 2,000 square meters of exhibition space, with independent access from the Aquarium and with over 40 exhibits where, together with parents or other accompanying adults, they can make a real It is a journey to discover oneself and the world through direct experience.

Costa Edutainment and Porto Antico have entrusted the design, production and artistic direction of the experience museum to Filmmaster Events, an Italian company specialized in the conception and production of major events, live shows and ceremonies (with over 40 years of history behind it ), which has been a partner of the project for the City of Children and Youth since the definition of its new concept.

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