Home Business The companionship of love is intimately guarding Yaoxing’s pregnancy check-up escort car service is very attentive-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

The companionship of love is intimately guarding Yaoxing’s pregnancy check-up escort car service is very attentive-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

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The companionship of love is intimately guarding Yaoxing’s pregnancy check-up escort car service is very attentive-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

Source title: The companionship of love, the caring service of Yaoxing’s pregnancy examination escort car is very attentive

Mercedes-Benz car pick-up, spacious and comfortable ride space, fresh and pleasant fragrance in the car, extra thoughtful nutty snacks; designated female housekeepers over 5 years of age will accompany you throughout the whole process, and you don’t need to worry about queuing for registration… With the release of the three-child policy, for The pain point of car use in the pregnancy test scene, recently, Yaoxing’s pregnancy test escort car service should be born “pregnancy”, and the heart-warming is launched.

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dedicated topregnant motherworry-freeofExclusive benefits

Yao Travel’s pure butler service has always been praised by people. In the scenario of escort car for pregnancy test, Yao Chuxing strictly selects female housekeepers who have driving experience for more than 5 years and who have passed pregnancy knowledge and psychological guidance training, and give priority to female housekeepers who have fertility experience and are familiar with the pregnancy test process. They not only provide car pick-up for pregnant women The delivery service is also accompanied throughout the whole process, and assists in all matters such as registration and queuing. Users can call customer service (400-020-5000) 24 hours in advance to make an appointment for customization. During the entire pregnancy check, users can designate a housekeeper they are familiar with and trust. In addition, a VIP customer service butler dedicated line has been opened to respond to customer needs at any time, and the whole process of online and offline “dual companionship” services has truly implemented peace of mind, peace of mind, and caring into every service detail.

All the escort vehicles used for pregnancy inspections are Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicles that are more than 1 year old to avoid the odor of new cars, and only clean and disinfect to ensure fresh air in the car. The car is also equipped with exclusive materials, including special slippers, eye masks, lumbar support, blankets, footrests, vomit bags, drinking water, hand sanitizer, wet wipes for pregnant women, prenatal education music, etc. The spacious and atmospheric riding space with complete materials allows expectant mothers to enjoy a comfortable and comfortable ride experience.

Pregnancy examination is a very private process. To protect the privacy and safety of pregnant women, all members of Yaoxing Group signed a confidentiality agreement, and completed the publicity and implementation of laws and regulations such as the Internet Security Law and Personal Protection Law.

housekeepermore careful than my husbandintimate!”

“This is definitely a pain point. My wife was hit by a car during a pregnancy test before… She was scared to death.”

“This service can’t be said to be good, it can only be said that it is very special and extremely good. Add chicken legs to the product manager!”

“It’s not how advanced it is, but how attentive it is, giving sincere care and exceeding customer expectations a little bit.”

“There are many pregnancy test items, which usually take one morning. Many items are exempt from entry for men, and the husband can’t accompany him all the time when he goes there. It is convenient for the female housekeeper to accompany him personally.”

Pregnant mothers often need to pick up and accompany them for pregnancy tests, but they often encounter problems such as husbands being unable to accompany them on business trips, cumbersome inspection items without assistance, odors in the car causing pregnancy upsets, and inexperienced drivers driving unevenly. After the launch of Yaoxing’s pregnancy test escort car service, these pain points were solved one by one, and received praise from many users.

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Ms. Zhang from Hangzhou made an appointment for the Yaoxing Pregnancy Check-up Accompanying Car Service with the mentality of giving it a try. She did not expect the experience to be far better than expected. “After 3 months of pregnancy, my pregnancy is still quite large, and I can’t stand the smell at all. Husband I work out of town and can’t accompany me. The prenatal check-up is in the morning rush hour. There are too many people on the bus and subway. It is inconvenient. Taxi or express trains always have a special smell. After all, it is Yao travel, and there is no peculiar smell in the car. Got breakfast and vomit bags.”

Mr. Gao, a Beijing citizen, was unable to accompany his daughter-in-law for a pregnancy test because he was on a business trip, so he made an appointment for Yaoxing. “I usually use Yaoxing to pick up and drop off the airport on business trips. The service is very good, the vehicle environment and the quality of the housekeeper are excellent. I can receive information prompts, she didn’t complain that I couldn’t accompany her, and even joked that the housekeeper was more careful and caring than me.” Mr. Gao said happily.

Facing the praise from customers, Sister Yu, the housekeeper of Yao Travel Hangzhou, said: “I am a mother of two children, and I know very well that there were always various worries and inconveniences during the pregnancy test, whether it was traveling or going through the procedure in the hospital. Now the company has launched this service specially for pregnant women, and we hope that all pregnant mothers can travel more easily because of our service.”

ScenographyServeproductBorn to solve user pain points

As the first high-end travel brand jointly created by Daimler and Geely, two of the world‘s top 500 well-known car companies transformed into travel service providers, Yao Chuxing inherits the perfect pursuit of Mercedes-Benz’s century-old quality travel, and also integrates Geely’s service operations Innovative genes that keep pace with the times. In the past two years since its launch, Yao Chuxing has redefined the way of high-end travel and extraordinary courtesy with excellent service, and has become the best choice for high-quality travel for many elite business travelers. It has served nearly 1 million customers, including nearly 4,000 corporate customers. Covering many first-tier luxury brands, multinational consulting companies, financial service institutions, five-star hotels, airlines, and top 500 well-known enterprises.

Focusing on the needs of users in various scenarios of high-quality travel, Yao Chuxing has innovatively built scene-based products, and successively launched airport shuttles, business chartered cars, executive cars, meeting cars, cross-city travel, reserved cars, and instant cars. , long chartered cars, children’s cars, customized cars and other service products, and carried out a full-process service design for each service scenario, and gradually built an excellent service management system with the ultimate user experience as the core, and won the “Land First Class” Cabin”, “mobile five-star hotel” and other reputation.

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