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The consumption volume has surged and hit a new high!The industry releases positive signals and reveals the secret of a large increase in stocks of northbound funds

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The liquor industry will enter a period of intensive release of information, and some leading companies have begun to release positive signals. The industry boom continues, the fundamentals are steadily improving, and sector valuations are within a reasonable range.

  Liquor giants hit a new high in heavy volume

On Friday, the concept of liquor soared by 2.09%, ranking at the forefront of the industry’s concept increase list.SecuritiesTimes·Databao statistics show that the highest market valueKweichow MoutaiToday’s closing price rose by 1.96%, ranking second in market capitalizationWuliangyeToday’s closing rose 3.01%, ranking third in market capitalizationShanxi FenjiuToday’s close was up 3.03%.

As one of the representatives of high-end liquorLuzhou Laojiao, The stock price rose even more, closing up more than 6%, setting a new high since this round of rebound. Public information display,Luzhou LaojiaoWith more than 400 years of winemaking history, it is a state-controlled listed company. The company’s main business model is the design, production and sales of specialized liquor products, and its main business is “Guojiao 1573”,Luzhou LaojiaoThe research and development, production and sales of “and other series of liquor.”

  Industry releases positive signals

In addition to the above-mentioned leading stocks, there are also many stocks in the liquor sector that have soared, including continuous daily limit.Shunxin Agriculture*ST GuangzhuGreat LakesWilling to wineMany stocks rose more than 3%.

On the evening of November 30th, there has been no price increase for 3 yearsWuliangyeThe company’s crystal bottle is popular on the 5th, and suddenly there is news of a price increase. The company’sWuliangyeThe unplanned price of the company has been increased from 999 yuan/bottle to 1,089 yuan/bottle, and the planned price is 889 yuan/bottle unchanged.It is reported that, as the core single product of Wuliangye Company, thecontractThe amount is 3:2. Based on this calculation, the ex-factory price of the eighth generation Wuliangye will increase from 889 yuan to 969 yuan, an increase of nearly 9%.

  CITIC SecuritiesOn December 2Research report“Actively pay attention to industry catalysis and firmly recommend the liquor sector” pointed out that the liquor industry will enter a period of information-intensive release.Moutai, Wuliangye,Alcoholic Wine, She De, Jian Nanchun, etc. have all begun to release positive signalsCITIC SecuritiesIt is believed that the liquor industry is prosperous and the fundamentals are steadily improving, and the confidence in sales for the whole year of next year and the Spring Festival peak season is firm; the current valuation of the liquor sector is in a reasonable range, and the liquor industry is actively recommended.High-end wine with both offensive and defensive capabilitiesKweichow Moutai, Luzhou Laojiao, Wuliangye; recommended sub-high-end leadingShanxi FenjiuGujing GongjiuAlcoholic WineYanghe shares, It is recommended to pay attention toWilling to wine

DongguanSecuritiesIn the research report on December 1st, “Stick to the Value Thread and Focus on the Marginal Turning Point”, it was pointed out that the valuation of the liquor sector is expected to be restored, and it is recommended to pay attention to high-end liquor.Kweichow Moutai, Wuliangye and Luzhou Laojiao; among the sub-high-end wines, focus onShanxi FenjiuAlcoholic WineAt the same time, it is recommended to focus on regional wine faucets with greater resilience to recovery, such asGujing GongjiuKouzijiaoThis worldWait.

  Secrets of Northbound Funds’ Substantial Increase in Stocks

The leader has risen, and it is not ruled out that other stocks in the sector will also take advantage of the trend.Data treasure statistics, from the perspective of institutional attention, in the sectorKweichow Moutai, Wuliangye, Shanxi FenjiuOther 18 stocks are rated by more than 3 institutions.

Data treasure statistics shows that some of the above-mentioned concept stocks have been favored by leveraged funds or northbound funds in the past 10 days; as of December 2, 16 leveraged funds have increased their positions, and the increase in financing balance is the highest.Gujing GongjiuWilling to wineThis worldEtc., increasing by 20.43%, 15.72%, and 9.45% respectively.There are 13 of them that have received northbound funds to increase their positions.Jin HuijiuLaobai dry wineJiangzhong Pharmaceutical, Masukura ranges are 287.64%, 42.06%, and 28.05%.

(Article source: data treasure)


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