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The cost of changing a mobile phone every 3 years is the same as changing it every 1 year? – Mobile – cnBeta.COM

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The cost of changing a mobile phone every 3 years is the same as changing it every 1 year?  – Mobile – cnBeta.COM

Recently, Apple and Huawei released the iPhone 14 and Mate 50 series respectively. Just when everyone was wondering whether they should change the phone, some netizens posted on the Xiaohongshu platform claiming that the cost of changing a phone every 3 years is almost the same as changing the phone every year. Once this post came out, it did not dispel everyone’s hesitation before switching, but instead caused heated discussions among more than 1,500 netizens. Which one is more expensive to replace the phone every 3 years or every 1 year? Let’s settle accounts with the game masters.


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Netizens settle accounts

The total cost of replacing a mobile phone in 1 year and 3 years is similar

The reporter learned that the netizens who posted the information calculated the two situations of changing the mobile phone every 3 years and changing it every 1 year. conclusion as below:

Take the 3-year replacement as an example: in 2021, it will cost 8,000 yuan to buy an iPhone 13pro, for example, it will not be replaced in 2022, not in 2023, and 2,000 yuan in 2024. Then the iPhone 16pro will cost 6,000 yuan, and the total cost for three years will be 8,000 yuan + 6,000 yuan Yuan = 14000 Yuan. And if you replace the new phone every year, then in 2022, the iPhone 13pro will be sold for 6,000 yuan, plus 2,000 yuan to buy the iPhone 14pro; in 2023, the iPhone 14pro will be sold for 6,000 yuan, and the iPhone 15pro will be sold for 2,000 yuan; The cost is 8,000 yuan + 2,000 yuan + 2,000 yuan + 2,000 yuan = 14,000 yuan.

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The netizen said that the price of replacing the new machine every year may be slightly higher than 2,000 yuan, but the total cost is estimated to be about 15,000 yuan, but from now on, there is no need to envy others for new machines. Moreover, now Apple officially renews and directly takes the old mobile phone to the clerk for evaluation and can be replaced directly after it is consistent with the description on the official website. For example, if the iPhone 13pro, which is normally used without bumps, is replaced by the iPhone 13pro this year, it is estimated that the price of the same version will be increased by about 2,000 yuan.

In this regard, some netizens questioned, would anyone really spend 6,000 yuan to buy a machine that someone has used for a year? Some netizens also said: The thought of having to flip the data in the mobile phone every year will make people faint. Some netizens also said that the calculation method is not scientific. The cost of changing a mobile phone every 3 years actually includes the cost of 4 to 6 years, while the cost of changing a mobile phone every year does not.

game machine expert

3 year replacement is actually much cheaper

So, what is the cost of a 3-year replacement and a 1-year replacement? The reporter consulted Yang Kai, an expert on mobile phones. Yang Kai is a senior mobile phone enthusiast. He replaces dozens of phones every year. Basically, popular models will be experienced. The annual investment in replacement costs is between 30,000-4 million.

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Yang Kai analyzed that the residual value of second-hand mobile phones is relatively chaotic and complicated, and is affected by many factors. Usually the price movement of Android phones is more complicated. For example, Huawei’s Mate40, due to the impact of chip supply, the price is very strong, and it can still sell for a high price after many years. For other models, the second-hand price may be halved or even lower after a year of listing. Therefore, this assumption can almost only be calculated with relatively simple models such as the Apple iPhone series, and the price is relatively transparent.

Yang Kai said that if Apple’s highest-end model iPhone 13 pro max 256Gb capacity model is used as an example, the initial price is 9799 yuan. Today, about a year later, the recycling price of the second-hand recycling platform is 5,500 yuan, which is about 6,000 yuan including the subsidy of the e-commerce platform, so the cost of loss is 3,799 yuan. “The lower-priced model has lower loss costs.” Yang Kai said that if it is the iPhone 13pro 128Gb version, the purchase price of the second-hand platform is 4,400 yuan, and the subsidy is only more than 5,000 yuan. The new iPhone 14 128Gb is priced at 7,999 yuan, and the price difference is also around 3,000 yuan.

Yang Kai said that the cost of 2,000 yuan is almost impossible to replace a new machine every year. At the same time, there are indeed problems with the algorithm on the Internet. If you replace the machine after 3 years, the replaced machine will be used for another 3 years. This part of the cost needs to be calculated. Therefore, the correct calculation method should be a period of 3 years, look at the total cost of purchasing a mobile phone during this period, minus the final residual value.

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So, even if it is calculated according to the cost of 2,000 yuan per year for changing phones and 8,000 yuan for mobile phones given by netizens. Replacing it every 3 years is equivalent to buying only 1 mobile phone within 3 years, 8,000 yuan, and the residual value after 3 years is 2,000 yuan. The mobile phone is replaced every year, and 3 mobile phones have been purchased within 3 years, with a residual value of 6,000 yuan. Therefore, the cost of a one-year replacement is 18,000 yuan, and the cost of a three-year replacement is 6,000 yuan. Therefore, it is worthwhile to replace the mobile phone every 3 years.

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