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The desire to do business resumes, in 2022 a positive balance

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The desire to do business resumes, in 2022 a positive balance

A positive balance of 48 thousand companies with a +0.8% which represents, after the +1.42% in 2021, the best figure in the last decade. This after the abrupt stop in 2020, when the balance stopped at +19 thousand followed by the rebound in 2021 (+87 thousand). This is what the Movimprese data reveal, processed by Unioncamere and InfoCamere on the basis of the Chamber of Commerce business register. The sector with the best performance is that of construction, which is worth more than 40% of the national balance. However, the births of new companies decreased by 6% compared to 2021 and the number of terminations increased (+7.5%), with absolute values ​​(313,000 new openings and 265,000 closures) in both cases among the lowest last fifteen years. «After the rebound, also in terms of entrepreneurial growth, recorded in 2021, the balance between registrations and terminations in 2022 is the best result in absolute values ​​and in percentage terms since 2011 – underlines Giuseppe Tripoli, general secretary of Unioncamere -. A third of the balance in 2022 is due to companies in the South, which increased by over 17 thousand units above all thanks to the boost from construction, precisely in the South they show the highest growth rate (+2.61%), and the recovery of tourism (+ 1.76% compared to an average figure of +0.85%)”. In addition to building-construction with +20,509 companies in 2022, the largest increases in the number of registered companies were recorded by scientific and technical professional activities (+10,474) and business services (+4,968). On the other hand, trade (-8,756), agriculture (-3,363) and manufacturing activities (-2,549) closed in the red. As regards the distribution on the territory in all four macro-areas of the country, the data of Unioncamere highlight, the growth rate of 2022 presents positive results but more contained than in 2021, with the Center showing the greatest expansion of the business base (+0.9%) compared to the previous year. Among the regions, Lazio is confirmed as the most dynamic, with a growth rate of 1.6%, albeit slightly slower than in 2021, when it grew by 2.2%. Overall, no region does better than 2021, with Marche and Molise closing the year in the negative, recording a balance of -929 and -45 companies respectively.

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