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The digital tour of the “Winning companies 2021” is underway

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Gros-Pietro: during the PNRR period, Intesa Sanpaolo will finance companies for € 400 billion

The digital tour of Imprese Vincenti 2021 starts today, the Intesa Sanpaolo program for the enhancement of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, which as never before aims at the centrality of the business system as the engine of the country’s restart after the long and difficult months of the pandemic. Of the approximately 3,500 companies that applied for themselves, between March and April on the Intesa Sanpaolo website, 112 active in various sectors were selected and defined as ‘successful’ because they are capable of growing, of maintaining jobs despite the crisis, of implementing transformations digital, organizational and business, to activate highly sustainable solutions on an economic, social and environmental level by reacting to both the economic crisis and the Covid-19 emergency.

«Imprese Vincenti 2021 aims to grasp and develop the reaction signals present in the Italian entrepreneurial panorama. The Italian economy and the confidence of SMEs are in clear recovery – affirms the head of the Banca dei Territori Intesa Sanpaolo Division, Stefano Barrese, explaining that this project – contributes to offering the most virtuous companies tools for growth and visibility ».


This year’s tour includes eight thematic stages that highlight the strategies on which SMEs are focusing, confirming how many of them have already grasped the importance of investing in what are today the cornerstones shared by the PNRR. The stages will in fact focus on Innovation-R & D, Internationalization, Digitization, Esg and Sustainability, but also attention to local supply chains and Human Capital. Attention is also paid to the agri-food sector and non-profit enterprises.

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