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The ecological diktat is unsustainable and penalizing for citizens

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The ecological diktat is unsustainable and penalizing for citizens

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The third way is that of more realistic gradualism with a strong incentive program upstream of each new decision to allow citizens to equip themselves without passively undergoing

There is a great misunderstanding that characterizes the discussion on issues related to green and the application of environmental protection rules and that is to divide the debate between “saviors of the planet” and “destroyers and careless”. There is a third way, in my opinion, and that is to do things gradually where gradualness flexibly considers also the resolution of problems induced by any new stringent rules. Before diktats there is real life, which bites. Let me explain. Those who question the application of environmental standards are not against nature and the protection of the environment.

But the application of certain rules with the aim of combating global warming (reducing emissions by at least 40 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 European levels according to the 2015 Paris Agreement which entered into force in Italy on 4 November 2016) they create division for the simple fact that most of their costs will be passed on to citizens who are already in great economic difficulty after three years of the pandemic and who find themselves facing inflation from an energy crisis. All of this does not seem to be considered a problem but it is and will be because no alternatives to the new constraints are envisaged nor have we seen, to date, real and effective incentives to support citizens living in difficulty.

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Only in Rome have we seen with what ease and levitya the municipality is looking to put another 51 gates in the restricted traffic area without considering viable alternatives or incentives as part of the project.

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