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The electric-only French luxury car within two years

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The electric-only French luxury car within two years

DS, the premium brand of Stellantis, has already chosen what its future will be: from 2024 all the new models of the French brand will be exclusively electric, but in the meantime it launches the restyling of the DS7. And when it comes to exclusively, it means that they will really only be electric, without even resorting to hybrid engines. DS, as a standalone brand, is only five years old, but has a history behind it, such as the name of Citroën’s flagships of the past, the famous DS, i.e. Déesse (goddess in French) which has always been characterized by an eye to the future. : the iconic French cars of the 1960s had nothing to do with the other cars of the time: they seemed to come straight from the future.

Today DS, within the Stellantis group, is still called upon to design the future of the group, anticipating the completion of the transition to the electric in just a couple of years. In 2024, as mentioned, electric-powered cars will not be the majority, but will be 100% of the DS, except for the production queues of the current petrol and diesel models. The first step towards the transition was anticipated by the compact DS 4 which also inspired the flagship with high wheels, the DS 7 which five years after its debut has been updated. After the summer it will go on sale with an engine offer that includes three plug-ins. Among the goodies of the DS 7 model year 2022 are the thirty-three LEDs per side covered by a transparent polycarbonate surface that is colored in the same color as the bodywork on the inside and then laser-worked to remove the paint and create a three-dimensional veil effect.

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Inside, the new 12-inch central screen makes its debut, while the cockpit setting does not change. The more refined Opera version offers two colors of Nappa leather, finished with raised lines obtained by embossing. Particular the stitching that reproduce the effect of a string of pearls. The Performance Line sporty versions can be recognized by the Alcantara fabric, while the Bastille version has a treatment that reproduces the skin of fish. The DS 7 model year 2022 is offered with a 130hp BlueHDi diesel engine and three rechargeable hybrid powetrains. We start with the E-Tense 225 with 180 hp petrol and a 110 hp electric. The gearbox is 8-speed automatic and traction is on the front wheels. Then follow the E-Tense 4×4 300 and the E-Tense 4×4 360, both integral with a 200 hp petrol engine combined with a 110 hp electric unit on the front axle and 112 hp on the rear axle.

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