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The energy crunch decrees two big winners: the oil sector and the Russian equity sector

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Markets regained strength in the first part of October after a colorless September with Wall Street and EU stock exchanges. Among the sectors to make the big voice, the energy sector still stands out under the pressure of the race in the price of oil (WTI over $ 82 at its highest since 2014). Trend reflected in the performance of the last month on Borsa Italiana’s ETFPlus: the best ETF was the Lyxor MSCI World Energy with over + 19.3%, followed by two ETFs on Russian equities, which in turn is positive exposed to the trend in energy prices.

At six months, the iShares MSCI Russia Adr / Gdr stands out with around + 38.6%, followed by another ETF on the Russian equity market (XTrackers MSCI Russia Capped Swap 1C with + 35.4%). Third and fourth place for two ETFs on India.

On the other hand, replicants linked to Turkey were among the worst ETFs of the last month, with drops of up to 7 percent for iShares MSCI Turkey. The iShares Nikkei 225 Japan Acc was also bad with -6.7%. At six months, the worst are the short lever two on the Ftse Mib and a series of replicants linked to Korea equities with drops between 12 and 13%.

Among the products most traded by number of pieces are once again those linked to Piazza Affari. 1.97 million pieces were traded on the Lyxor Ftse Mib 2X Inv XBear, followed by the XTrackers S&P 500 2X Inverse Swap with 759 thousand pieces. The iShares Core S&P 500 (5.6 million) stands out among the most traded in terms of turnover, followed by the iShares Core MSCI World (5.28 million) and iShares Global Clean Energy (5.14 million).

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