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The EU needs stricter ethics rules

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The EU needs stricter ethics rules

Kaili and Koopman have been good for gossip for years with their colorful personal lives in Brussels. The presumption of innocence must apply to both as long as no wrongdoing is proven. However, the lax ethics rules of the EU institutions are a real scandal. Unlike employees of World Bank and the OECD For example, Commission officials do not have to disclose their financial interests. Potential conflicts of interest cannot even come to light.

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The Koopman case weighs heavily because another director-general of the EU Commission had previously lost his grip on reality. Estonian Henrik Hololei had granted himself numerous free flights from Qatar Airlines while negotiating an agreement with Qatar for access to European airspace. Hololei had to vacate his post, but continues to receive a princely salary as an advisor to the EU Commission.

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