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The Fed again spread the “pigeon” sound, the price of gold stopped falling and rebounded | Fed-Finance News

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In the Asian trading day of this transaction, today’s gold opened at 1810.71 US dollars per ounce, currently yellowGold priceThe highest price reached 1814.84 US dollars per ounce and the lowest touched 1808.80 US dollars per ounce. As of press time, it temporarily reported 1813.72 US dollars per ounce, an increase of 0.20%.

As the epidemic rebounded, vaccination became more urgent. Although the United States is one of the countries with a high vaccination rate, its domestic vaccination has the characteristics of “high in the north and low in the south”, which makes the “Southern State” an area with very weak epidemic prevention. This situation has caused the White House to worry. The rebound of the epidemic was also mainly concentrated in these low-vaccination areas. The epidemic is putting the world facing a new round of tests.

The Fed spreads the “pigeon” again

On Tuesday, Fed Governor Bowman said that it will take some time for the US labor market to recover from the impact of the new crown epidemic, and more work is needed to get the economy back on track. Bowman said that although the recent number of new jobs in the labor market is encouraging, overall employment is still below the level before the outbreak. Many people still face the difficult choice of employment and changing jobs. Therefore, some people re-enter the workforce. The market takes time.

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San Francisco Fed President Daley expressed similar views on Tuesday. She pointed out that nearly 10 million people are still unemployed in the United States, and more people are currently watching the labor market. Daly said that there are many factors affecting the job market today. Some parents need to take care of their children. Some people are worried about contracting the new crown virus. Coupled with the federal government providing unemployment benefits, these factors will not last forever, as the economy further recovers. , Most of these people will return to work.

The speeches of Bowman and Daley show that there are serious differences within the Fed. Earlier, Fed Governor Waller and St. Louis Fed Chairman Brad both said that they believe that the recovery of the job market is almost complete and the Fed should start to reduce debt purchases as soon as possible.

The current point of gold reference is more obvious, the suppression situation near 1819/20 above, and the downfan is concerned about the support of the 1805 line low point, the short-term high and low point range is the main day, and the 1814 yesterday The high point, and near 1807 touched by the lower edge of the shock, the midpoint of the Japanese intraday market will not participate for the time being, waiting for an effective breakthrough after the shock is sorted out.

At present, when the price of gold continues to weaken, there is still a certain amount of space below. Therefore, while maintaining a short-term weak treatment, pay attention to the situation where the bottom touches the support level. At the same time, the bottom is more obviously supported at the 1795/90 line, because the market has been repeated many times. Even if it touched, it failed to break the position, so while paying attention to the downside support in the short-term, while paying attention to the rebound demand, it will form a short-term round-trip trend shock situation.

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According to the gold market center of Jintou.com, at 14:46 Beijing time, today’s gold spot price temporarily reported 1813.73 US dollars per ounce.

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