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The Festival of Economics takes place in Turin

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Turin will host the next edition of the Festival of Economics. To support the candidacy of the Piedmontese capital was La Stampa with a campaign that led to the collection of hundreds of signatures to support the initiative. In support of the choice of Turin as the venue for the Festival, personalities from the city’s public life, managers, professionals, students and many citizens have lined up who consider this an important opportunity to open a debate on the profound changes triggered by globalization and on the challenges dictated by the environmental transition and digital. «It is a magnificent opportunity. Turin must become attractive from the outside »commented the mayor Stefano Lo Russo.

The International Economy Festival, therefore, starts again from Piedmont, from Turin. Publishers Laterza, Tito Boeri and Innocenzo Cipolletta accepted the invitation from the Piedmont Region and the City of Turin, together with the Compagnia di San Paolo, the Cassa di Risparmio di Torino Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce, the University of Studies, the Polytechnic and the Carlo Alberto College. . “La Stampa”, which was the first to launch the candidacy of the city, gathering the support of all the candidates for mayor, will be the media partner. The Festival will be held from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 June and will have as its theme Merit, diversity, social justice.
The press release
With a press release, Publishers Laterza, Tito Boeri and Innocenzo Cipolletta thanked all the cities – more than twenty – “that in recent weeks have applied to host the new Festival, with an extraordinary mobilization of public institutions, associations and companies, to testimony of the desire not to disperse and expand an experience started in 2006. And they thank the speakers who, in large numbers, sent signs of esteem and convinced adhesion to the new project, together with the public and the people who in Trento (and from all over Italy) have followed and supported them for sixteen years. They also thank the partners and sponsors who have confirmed their precious support ».
The kermesse
Entering into the merits of the event, the organizers underline how «the Covid crisis has given us back a more unequal and above all differently unequal world. New forms of inequality overlapped existing ones. In addition to income gaps, there are gaps in health and housing conditions (which are increasingly important in influencing one’s success in the labor market). These are inequalities that often have very little to do with individual merit, which are linked to different starting conditions or to luck. To what extent can the exit from the pandemic reabsorb these inequalities or, at least, align them more with individual merit rather than fate? Recognizing that at the origin of some inequalities there are also different levels of commitment, different individual performances, can it reduce the sense of injustice that many people have towards such unequal societies? Gender and ethnic discrimination remain an important trait behind many inequalities. They are also fought with positive discrimination which aims to attribute more opportunities to those who have historically been disadvantaged in their working career. Are the efforts put in place sufficient? And what are the difficulties in establishing to what extent and for how long quotas that reward historically underrepresented groups should be maintained? Essential issues that will be addressed – as in the past – on a global scale, with speakers from all over the world, in particular from the most prestigious universities in Europe and the United States. The speakers of the International Festival of Economics will not only be economists, but also sociologists and historians, jurists and philosophers, in general researchers working in various disciplines, protagonists of the most advanced research on the subject. Informal disclosure
At the same time, the Festival will have that characteristic of informal and rigorous dissemination with which Laterza and Boeri brought the economy to the streets, allowing it to be enjoyed by a large public. The International Economy Festival, designed and created by the Laterza Publishers with the scientific direction of Tito Boeri, will have an editorial committee coordinated by Innocenzo Cipolletta. Local institutions will meet in a local committee coordinated by the Collegio Carlo Alberto ».
Alberto Cirio’s comment “A little more than two weeks after the letter I signed to officially nominate Piedmont to host the International Festival of Economics, this wonderful news arrives today, the result of teamwork in which the Region believed and invested immediately, as well as has done all of our territory. From La Stampa, which first launched the subscription to support the candidacy, to all public and private institutions and banking foundations. Piedmont and Turin are central to the economic system of Italy and now they will also be central to the debate on which the Festival has always been an authoritative and prestigious stage “, comments the president of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio, on the choice of Piedmont and of Turin as the next venue for the International Festival of Economics. And he adds: «Our splendid Turin will be the protagonist and with it the whole territory, because we will try to involve the whole of Piedmont in this new important adventure. We thank Editori Laterza and prof. Boeri for having chosen Piedmont and we continue our work to attract great events ».

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