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The financial aid and rescue policy for enterprises has introduced characteristic financing solutions to accurately solve financing problems

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The financial aid and rescue policy for enterprises has introduced characteristic financing solutions to accurately solve financing problems

Since the beginning of this year, my country has introduced a number of financial support policies to ease the operating pressure of small, medium and micro enterprises. Have these policies been implemented and how effective are they? The reporter recently interviewed the heads of relevant departments of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission.

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: The effect of the financial assistance policy to help enterprises has emerged

The latest data from the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission shows that at the end of May, the national loan balance for small and micro enterprises was 54.2 trillion yuan, of which the balance of inclusive small and micro enterprise loans was 20.8 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22%, which was higher than the growth rate of various loans. The increase of 11 percentage points, especially the 330 billion yuan added in May, has curbed the signs of weak loan growth in April.

Ding Xiaofang, Director of the Inclusive Finance Department of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission:The effect of the policy is to boost confidence, stabilize expectations, and promote development. The second is to encourage banks to move forward and ease the pressure on companies’ capital. The third aspect is to enhance the ability of banks to lend and willing to lend, and to better provide financial services.

Ding Xiaofang said that the financial support can have an immediate effect on the resumption of production and operation of small and micro enterprises, and the rapid growth of the loan balance of small and micro enterprises indicates that the financial assistance policy for enterprises is accelerating, and the effect has been initially shown.

Since the beginning of this year, in order to prevent and control the epidemic and promote economic and social development, the People’s Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange have issued 23 measures; the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has put forward 42 requirements to guide the banking and insurance industry to increase support for the real economy, especially for Financial services for enterprises in difficult industries affected by the epidemic.

Local governments introduce financial measures to help small, medium and micro enterprises

In addition to implementing the various policies of the central bank and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, various regions have also introduced unique financial assistance measures based on the characteristics of local industries.

In Jiangsu, a special campaign for financing between banks and enterprises of technology-based SMEs has recently been launched. The local China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau and the science and technology department have scientifically allocated 72,300 technology-based SMEs to banking institutions, and the banking institutions will visit and connect door-to-door.

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Cai Youcai, Deputy Director of the Inclusive Finance Division of Jiangsu Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau:It does not mean that our bank has something to offer. We should reasonably determine the type of loan, interest rate pricing, interest repayment method, and loan term according to the actual needs of the enterprise.

For enterprises that fail to connect for the first time, especially those without loans, a rotation mechanism is used to ensure that two or three different types of banking institutions are cross-connected, and ultimately achieve reasonable financing support for the enterprise.

Guangdong recently launched 47 relief and support measures for the service industry, catering industry, tourism and other industries to provide stable financial guarantees for enterprises to resume work and production and economic operation. The Shenzhen company applied for an inclusive financial loan through an online platform, and the bank quickly approved 7 million pure credit loans for the company through the “green channel”.

Wei Quanfu, Chief Financial Officer of Shenzhen Lvkangyuan Vegetable Distribution Co., Ltd.:It was approved and released in more than half a month. This money is “timely rain” for us, which not only relieves the pressure on our cash flow, but also strongly supports the expansion of our company’s operating scale.

Pang Chunyang, Deputy Director of the Money and Credit Division of the People’s Bank of China Shenzhen Central Sub-branch:Through supply chain finance and other products, to ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and then increase the issuance of credit loans and medium and long-term loans, then for contact types such as catering services, wholesale and retail, and cultural, sports and tourism that are greatly affected by the epidemic We also encourage financial institutions to further engage in financing through in-depth communities.

In addition, the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, together with the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau and other departments, will provide loan guarantee fees or discount subsidies to eligible small and medium-sized enterprises that apply for their first loans; Anhui Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other departments have proposed that, By the end of this year, the province’s corporate credit loan balance will exceed 1 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 28% of corporate loans. Dalian’s local credit center and banking institutions jointly launched online credit loan products, relying on market players’ industrial and commercial registration, tax payment, real estate, water, electricity, gas, contract performance, etc., a total of more than 9 billion pieces of data information, accurate image of corporate credit, and increase the proportion of credit loans. Compared with the reduction of corporate mortgage guarantees and other expenses.

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One company, one policy, characteristic financing solution to accurately solve financing problems

The total number of market entities in my country has exceeded 150 million, with small, medium and micro enterprises accounting for more than 90%. How can policies better benefit all types of enterprises? During the investigation, the reporter found that some places have also launched unique financial support products such as hotpot loans, logistics loans, and homestay loans for different industries.

The catering industry is one of the industries that has been greatly affected by the epidemic. In Chongqing, the traffic of this hot pot restaurant chain has dropped sharply for a time, and the company’s income has dropped sharply, but employee salaries and construction costs have to be paid on time. When the company was running out of funds, with the support of the National Guarantee Fund, the local bank launched an exclusive financial product, which can give companies a mortgage-free loan of up to 3 million yuan.

Liu Mei, chairman of Liu Yishou Hotpot:The bank took the initiative to find us, gave us a plan, and quickly developed a product called “Hot Pot Loan”. You see, now we have opened this store, and at the same time every employee’s salary has been paid.

Not only hot pot loans, but also local pepper loans and cold chain e-loans are financial support products developed for catering companies in different fields.

Wang Hong, Director of the Currency and Credit Management Division of the Chongqing Operation Management Department of the People’s Bank of China:Guide financial institutions to launch product innovations aimed at catering enterprises with “one line, one product”, and have launched more than 40 innovative products. From January to May, financial institutions have issued loans of 5.68 billion yuan to catering enterprises in their jurisdictions, and nearly 500 million yuan of loans to 1,000 hotpot enterprises.

Not only the catering industry, but in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, the local People’s Bank of China has set up a special quota of 3 billion yuan to guide financial institutions to provide precise support to transportation and logistics enterprises. On the day the “Central Bank Logistics Loan” was launched, the logistics company got a loan of 6 million yuan at a low interest rate of 4.15%.

Also in Zhejiang, a number of financial institutions in Taizhou have specially designed more than 20 types of credit products such as “Yiyou Loan”, “Homestay Loan” and “Nongjia Le Loan” to support the recovery and development of the local tourism industry. Many of these loans are pure credit loans without collateral or guarantee.

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Expert interpretation: Refinement measures to make finance better for small, medium and micro enterprises

Since the beginning of this year, a series of financial relief measures are helping small, medium and micro enterprises to operate steadily. Experts believe that further detailed measures are needed in the future to allow finance to better serve the real economy.

Experts pointed out that the biggest feature of small, medium and micro enterprises’ capital needs is short-term and frequent urgency. In recent years, with the application of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technological means, the financing conditions of small and micro enterprises are improving.

Zeng Gang, deputy director of the National Finance and Development Laboratory:The financing cost of small and micro enterprises has dropped significantly in the past period of time, especially in terms of payment and settlement, and the reduction of fees for small and micro enterprises has actually achieved considerable results. In terms of total financing cost, possibility of financing, and convenience of financing, our entire small and micro enterprise financing environment has achieved great improvement.

This year, the amount and ratio of inclusive small and micro loan support tools will be doubled. Policies such as loans to small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, truck loans, housing loans and consumer loans for temporarily distressed individuals, and support for banks to defer principal and interest repayment within the year will continue to be introduced. . While stabilizing the capital chain of small, medium and micro enterprises, it further reduces their financing costs.

Experts believe that multiple measures are needed to establish a long-term mechanism for small and micro financial services. On the one hand, it is necessary to improve the evaluation mechanism of small and micro financial services, relax the constraints such as the non-performing loan rate and interest rate of small and micro enterprises, and give better play to the role of the market mechanism; at the same time, it is necessary to explore new models of digital small and micro finance to make financing more convenient and effective. In particular, it is necessary to speed up the construction of a national unified credit information sharing platform, alleviate the problem of information asymmetry, and make banks truly dare to lend, willing to lend, able to lend, and willing to lend. (Headquarters CCTV reporter Wang Lei Wang Xuan Chen Peng Zhang Jun)

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