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The first biomethane tractor

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Coldiretti presented the first biomethane-powered tractor to fight climate change and tackle high energy prices at the International Agriculture and Food Forum. The New Holland T6 Methane Power is the first tractor in the world powered 100% by biomethane and which can be refueled directly from the gas network or from specific biomass stations, with the same power as a diesel but with a 30% reduction in costs. and a drastic reduction in emissions. Biomethane produces 99% less particulate matter, reduces CO2 emissions by 10% and overall emissions by 80%, making it possible to achieve CO2 emissions close to zero.

The new green tractor is part of the Italian strategic plan on the development of renewable energy which has the objective from now to 2030 of introducing 6.5 billion cubic meters of biomethane into the network thanks to the transformation of 65% of farm waste into clean energy. Made in Italy. A goal that is also necessary to avert the alarm raised by the EU Parliament’s studies service on the cost of over one trillion euros per year in the event of the failure of the energy transition in Europe.

In this context – states Coldiretti – structural interventions are needed to provide the country with a sustainable energy reserve by focusing on the biomethane supply chain in which Italian agriculture is at the forefront. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) represents a very important opportunity for the full development of the potential offered by the agricultural biomethane sector from renewable sources with the aim of reaching 10% of the needs of the national gas network.

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Says the president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini: “The role of biogas in the perimeter of clean energy represents an unavoidable starting point since starting from the use of waste from crops and farms it is possible to create plants for the distribution of biomethane at national to power not only agricultural machinery but also buses, trucks and ships as well as the cars of Italian families. In this way it is possible to generate a virtuous cycle of resource management, cutting waste, reducing polluting emissions, creating new jobs and developing scientific research on green fuels “.

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