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The future of construction passes through Made Expo

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The 110% bonus among the main themes of the event

Environmental quality, energy, new regulations and renewed international competitiveness will be at the center of MADE expo with all the players in the building community. Within the event, in fact, the theme of the 110% superbonus – a measure that can lead Italy among the leading countries in the process of energy conversion and sustainable development – will be among the main focuses of the event.

Furthermore, within the event, ample space will also be dedicated to new business models, new professional figures, new challenges for the designers of tomorrow and how cities must redesign spaces and ways of living to face the ‘new normal. ‘.

The new challenges: a new way of building that embraces sustainability

In an Italian context where large international real estate developers look with interest above all at the redevelopment of new urban areas, the new challenges consist in intercepting the technological, social, environmental and regulatory trends that push urban agglomerations and the industrial fabric to adapt to the new needs of the community.

An important opportunity for professionals to start a reflection on the need to activate a profound change within the construction sector, which passes from the need to achieve concrete objectives for a new urban livability, rethinking cities in a sustainable key – from mobility , digitization, the efficiency of housing structures – as well as the importance of doing business in a more sustainable way.

The numbers of the construction sector

Constructions offer an 8% contribution to the national GDP (source ANCE 2020 report) and are able to generate, by virtue of their long and complex supply chain connected to almost 90% of economic sectors, the highest propulsive effect on economy across all business sectors.

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