Home Business The Gran Caffè Gambrinus buys back the premises lost during the Second War

The Gran Caffè Gambrinus buys back the premises lost during the Second War

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The Gran Caffè Gambrinus buys back the premises lost during the Second War

The Caffè Gambrinus in Naples regains its original spaces and premises. Yesterday the Metropolitan City, in the presence of the Metropolitan Mayor, Gaetano Manfredi, handed over the keys to the premises that had been stolen from the historic Café since the Second World War and destined for other commercial establishments. The delivery took place on the basis of a new lease agreement for the premises at numbers 3 and 4 of via Chiaia, on the ground floor of the Palazzo della Prefettura, a building which is part of the patrimony of the Metropolitan City of Naples.


The Palazzo della Prefettura, formerly Palazzo della Foresteria, is a monumental building in Naples that develops between piazza del Plebiscito, piazza Trieste e Trento, via Chiaia and piazza Carolina. It was built in 1815, based on a project by the neoclassical architect Leopoldo Laperuta (1771-1858), when King Ferdinand I decided to erect a building – on the land obtained from the pre-existing convent of Santo Spirito, built in 1326 – to house the foreigners who came to visit the Bourbon court. In 1890, on a project by Antonio Curri and with the participation of 43 collaborators including sculptors and painters, the Caffè Gambrinus was built on the ground floor of the building, which prospered until 1938, when the prefect Giovanni Battista Marziali ordered its closure because it was considered an anti-fascist place . From that day on, the premises were sold in part to the Banco di Napoli, in part to other exercises. Since the 1950s there has been a progressive recovery, which has led the Café to be what it is today. The deed signed yesterday can, now, 85 years after its dismemberment, constitute the first step towards the recovery of the original dimension, maintaining the function of literary café and promoter of cultural initiatives in the living room of the city.

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Manfredi: «Moment of cultural and touristic rebirth»

«It is a historic moment because, with the restitution of the two rooms at numbers 3 and 4 of via Chiaia, the original structure is recomposed and the Gran Caffè Gambrinus is restored to its beauty, a historic venue so important for the city, at a time of cultural and tourist rebirth of Naples and its metropolitan area», said the Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, at the end of the ceremony for handing over the keys to the new premises. The Gran Caffè Gambrinus company is the winner of the related tender.

A battle that began in the 50s

«It was an effort – Manfredi explained – made by the Metropolitan City, which reaches the end of a long journey, which began with President Amato Lamberti and which ends now, with my administration. All tourists, but also Neapolitans, who enjoy this place will be able to admire the original splendor of the stuccos, paintings and its architecture. It is truly a very beautiful and exciting place which, unfortunately, had previously been used for commercial and inappropriate purposes. What concludes today is a battle also carried on by many cultural associations, such as Italia Nostra, which for years has fought to be able to recompose this unity: we have finally succeeded, and it is a source of great satisfaction”.

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