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The industrial economy is improving steadily and accelerating transformation_Guangming.com

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The industrial economy in China is steadily improving and accelerating its transformation, with the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry exceeding 3.2 trillion yuan and the 5G user penetration rate surpassing 60%.

In a recent press conference held by the State Council Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology highlighted the positive results achieved in the first quarter of the year. Vice Minister Shan Zhongde emphasized the promotion of high-end, intelligent, and green development in the manufacturing industry. Key projects and initiatives focusing on high-end development and advanced manufacturing have shown promising results, with the added value of high-tech manufacturing increasing by 7.5% year-on-year.

The Ministry has been actively promoting intelligent manufacturing, reshaping manufacturing processes, equipment, and value chains. Current efforts have led to the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry reaching a scale exceeding 3.2 trillion yuan. The Ministry has also focused on enhancing solution supply, strengthening leadership and demonstration, and formulating standards to promote the systematic development of intelligent manufacturing.

Additionally, the Ministry reported significant progress in the telecommunications industry, with infrastructure support capabilities improving, innovation capabilities enhancing, and the enabling effect of information technology amplifying. Efforts to improve serving people’s livelihoods and protect users’ rights have also been prioritized, with measures in place to combat fraudulent calls and messages.

Looking ahead, the Ministry aims to accelerate the formation of a national integrated computing power system as outlined in this year’s Government Work Report. Efforts will focus on guiding the construction of computing power facilities, laying a solid foundation for development, accelerating the scheduling of computing resources, and building a computing power industry ecosystem to support economic and social development.

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Overall, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is committed to further consolidating and enhancing China’s competitive advantage in the information and communication industry, promoting high-quality development, and building a new development pattern for services.

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