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The issue of the release of the debts held by the controlling shareholders of Kinglight is expected to be resolved_Huaxin_Electronics_Company

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Original title: The issue of the release of the shares held by the controlling shareholder of Kinglight is expected to be resolved

Kinglight (002723) announced on the evening of June 1 that the company received a notice from the controlling shareholder Shenzhen Huaxin Chuangli Technology Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Huaxin Chuangli”). The company’s shares held by Huaxin Chuangli have all been released from the judicial freeze. At present, Huaxin Chuangli holds 78.3879 million shares of Kinglight, accounting for 24.65% of the company’s total share capital.

According to public information, in 2019, Huaxin Chuangli’s shares of Jinlight were frozen due to claims and debt disputes, which did not affect the production and operation of the listed company. Kinglight’s earlier announcement stated that Huaxin Chuangli is actively solving the problem of its pledged financing debt, and there is no risk of liquidation and forced transfer for the time being.

People familiar with Kinglight pointed out that, from the perspective of the thawing of all the shares held by the controlling shareholder, after a long period of patient negotiation, the controlling shareholder of Kinglight and the creditor should have made good progress in solving the debt problem. Kinglight is currently deepening its business map, and the lifting of the judicial freeze on the shares held by the controlling shareholder will help to advance and solve the problem of pledged financing debts, and Kinglight is also expected to strengthen its own financing capabilities and business development momentum.

At present, Kinglight has formed its operating power with the dual main business of “small household appliances + engineering construction”. In terms of small household appliances business, on the basis of the original rechargeable lighting fixtures and rechargeable AC and DC fans, Kinglight has continuously expanded its categories and launched a series of healthy small household appliances. The series of products have also entered the stage of trial production and small batch shipment.

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It is worth noting that with the recent rise of the domestic “camping economy”, Kinglight has continuously upgraded outdoor lighting products by taking advantage of its many years of lighting technology advantages. Portable and rechargeable small household appliances are expected to capture a new wave of industry opportunities and benefit from overseas exports. Influenced by the continued appreciation of the US dollar, the small household appliance business is expected to usher in development opportunities.

In the e-cigarette industry chain, Kinglight invested in the e-cigarette brand Bode last year and reached a strategic cooperation. At present, it has launched the exclusive agency sales of Bode brand in the “Belt and Road” countries with a large number of customer advantages.

Recently, Kinglight disclosed that it intends to take a stake in Ganghua Bio, a high-purity nicotine production company with a relatively complete production license in China. Its products can be widely used in e-cigarettes, pesticides, medicine, cosmetics and other fields. Ganghua Bio has production qualifications such as nicotine safe production license, hazardous chemicals registration certificate, and pollution discharge license. It is one of the rare enterprises in the field of nicotine production in China.

On May 20, Kinglight stated on the interactive platform that at present, under the guidance of the new regulations on e-cigarettes, the company is making every effort to prepare applications for various e-cigarette licenses to ensure that the company is legally compliant. Engaged in the production and operation of domestic electronic cigarettes. In 2022, with the implementation of national regulatory policies for the electronic cigarette industry, the company will seize industry opportunities in a timely manner, build its own brand, and continuously improve its strategic layout in the field of electronic cigarettes.Return to Sohu, see more

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