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The Italian Antitrust initiates five investigations against the Nutriscore

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The Antitrust Authority has launched five investigations on the use of Nutriscore by the Italian companies Gs, Carrefour Italia, Pescanova and Valsoia, by the French companies Regime Dukan and Diet Lab, by the English company Weetabix and by a German brand of candy. The fear, the Antitrust highlights, “is that the traffic light label, in the absence of adequate warnings, is erroneously perceived as an absolute evaluation of the healthiness of a given product, regardless of the diet and lifestyle of an individual, quantity and frequency of consumption of the product within a varied and balanced diet ».

The Authority has also launched an investigation against the owner of the French app Yuka, downloadable from the Google and Apple App Stores, which aims to give a healthy evaluation of food products based largely on the Nutriscore system and which provides proposals alternatives for products judged to be mediocre or scarce. In particular, in the case of the Yuka app, according to the Antitrust Authority, the criterion on the basis of which alternatives to the consumer are ordered and proposed is not clear.

Coldiretti applauds the initiative: “The investigation launched by the Antitrust on Nutriscore is important to clarify a labeling system that unfairly rejects 85% of Made in Italy at the table – reads a note from the association – ‘Italy is moving intelligently to further strengthen a coalition in support of a harmonized system, which is different from Nutriscore and which revises some of the principles and ideas underlying the French system ”. At the moment, the Czech Republic, Romania, Cyprus, Greece and Hungary would already have lined up on the side of Italy.

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For Codacons, the opening of an investigation by the Antitrust is a fundamental initiative: “Systems such as Nutriscore represent an extreme simplification of very important health and nutritional indications and are able to mislead and deceive consumers by significantly modifying their decisions of purchase – affirms the president, Carlo Rienzi – these simplifications damage not only consumers, but also farmers and the entire Made in Italy sector ».

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