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The June market ended perfectly, the Shanghai index rose 6.66% month-on-month | Zouping_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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The June market ended perfectly, the Shanghai index rose 6.66% month-on-month | Zouping_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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 Source: Changjiang Commercial Daily

The June market ended perfectly, with both the daily K line and the monthly line closing in a positive line.

As of the close on June 30, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.1% to 3398.62 points; the Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.57% to 12896.2 points; the ChiNext Index rose 1.52% to 2810.6 points. The total turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 1,159.81 billion yuan, with 92 shares in the two markets rising by the daily limit (including ST shares) and 17 shares by the lower limit.

Throughout June, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 6.66%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 11.87%, and the ChiNext Index rose 16.86%.

Tourism and hotel sector led the gains

At the opening yesterday, the three major A-share indexes rose and fell. The gains have narrowed.

In terms of industry sectors, tourism hotels, food and beverages, brewing industries, wind power equipment, and aviation and airports were among the top gainers, while auto services, complete vehicles, real estate services, auto parts, and coal industries were among the top decliners.

Among them, the tourism hotel sector led the gains,Huatian HotelZhangjiajieTung Hing BuildingLijiang Co., Ltd.Zhongke Cloud NetworkGuilin Tourismdaily limit; the concept of film and television broke out,Dinglong CultureXiangyuan Culture(rights protection),Zhewen PicturesWentou HoldingsHappy Century(rights protection),Jinyi Film and Televisiondaily limit,Huayi BrothersUp more than 10%; food and beverage sectorYiming FoodJialong sharesWest wheat foodWeizhixiangBailong Innovation ParkDelisSunshine DairyThe daily limit; the wine industry is heating up,Welcome to the tribute winedaily limit,Shede Wine IndustryBairun sharesSoaring more than 5%; retail sectorfriendly groupTongcheng HoldingsSanjiang Shoppingdaily limit; photovoltaic industryOn-machine CNCTianchen Co., Ltd.IgorHuayang sharesTCL Centraldaily limit;robotconcept stocksHITBroad IntelligenceXianheng Internationaldaily limit,Thiel SharesLimit down; auto parts segment differentiation,Hengli IndustryShenchi ElectromechanicalJiangsu RaleighTemple SharesJin Rong Tianyuwait for the limit,Qinan sharesSongzhi sharesWait for the drop.

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Possess the foundation and motivation to continue upward

Guangzhou Bandung believes that the central bank has released a heavy signal, emphasizing the need to increase the implementation of a prudent monetary policy, and give full play to the dual functions of the total amount and structure of monetary policy tools to once again support the market’s strength. At present, the broader market is gaining momentum for the next stage of the rise, and we can focus on the recent stagflation, which is at a low level and is also a stable growth plate. With the recovery of data, real estate infrastructure is expected to stage a second wave of market conditions; consumption recovery has room for continued performance in the summer; robots are concerned about the Tesla industry chain.

Jufeng Investment Consulting pointed out that the economy is supported and boosted, and the positive expectations are obvious, the market liquidity is relatively abundant, and the overall environment of the index is improving, and it still has the basis and motivation to continue to rise. Structurally, the consumer sector has ushered in an important boost, and the current or phased allocation value can be properly considered.

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