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The mammoth returns – on the plate

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The mammoth returns – on the plate

In any case, strict regulations still apply to cultivated meat. So far, only a few products have received approval. Singapore was the first to give the green light to the chicken nuggets from the US supplier Eat Just in December 2020, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) then gave approval last week, which is now being followed by an examination by the Department of Agriculture. Upside Foods cultured chicken was approved by the FDA just a few months ago.

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Vow founder Noakesmith plans to launch a first product later this year in Singapore, a cultured quail meat with umami that should get approval faster than a mammoth DNA mince. “It’s one of a whole bunch of creative things we’re working on,” says the founder. His team has already developed numerous more or less exotic types of meat in the laboratory, including alpaca and water buffalo.

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