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The manufacturing is worth 98% of the exports of the Marche

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The manufacturing industry of the Marche continues to be the engine of development of the regional economic system and its relevance goes beyond the figure relating to the weight of GDP (25% of the total value), which in the first half did better than the Italian average (+ 8.5% vs + 7.6%). “The relevance depends on the role that manufacturing plays in dragging the innovative capacity and the drive towards efficiency of the entire economic system”, observes Donato Iacobucci, professor at the Marche Polytechnic. Two facts above all: over 80% of R&D expenditure carried out by companies is financed by manufacturing ones and has as its objective “the innovation of products and production systems”; 98% of the exports of the Marche is made up of manufacturing productions.

Strong pressure on innovation

“And this also explains the strong pressure of innovation: manufacturing companies compete in an international and in some cases global context and, consequently, suffer a strong pressure to efficiency and competitiveness, which they then transmit to the entire economic system” . Not to mention that, even in this region, manufacturing is “the main engine for the creation of qualified employment, directly or indirectly through the demand for services in various fields.” business must change its way of operating. Key theme on the day when the industrial associations of Ancona and Pesaro-Urbino celebrate their meetings, in the presence of Carlo Bonomi, physically bringing hundreds of entrepreneurs back together.

Change that cannot be postponed

There is no model, organizational and governance, which is preferable or certainly winning, but the diffusion of alternatives in terms of organization and governance is in any case scarce; however, there is a widespread awareness in the regional system that change cannot be postponed and the booster on which to rely is the PNRR, with full availability of resources that must however be achieved, with that “rigor and speed” that puts mayors and Confindustria on the same side, as indicated by the first citizen of Pesaro, Matteo Ricci. “Being caught unprepared or not believing in the PNRR will make us miss an unrepeatable opportunity – adds Mauro Papalini, who yesterday closed his four years at the helm of Confindustria Pesaro-Urbino -. We will need high-impact projects, which can mostly be carried out by very large industrial companies or by a network of companies, able to develop them also through a public-private partnership ».

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The great challenges

“Great challenges” calls them Pierluigi Bocchini, number one of Confindustria Ancona, who puts that of the green transition at the top: “It is the most demanding because it risks displacing and pushing entire supply chains out of the market, which characterize Italian and Marche productions” . Alongside there is digitalization, with “an evident difficulty for companies to access broadband in many areas of the region”, the overcoming of the “weakness in the supply chain, integrated logistics and maintenance” and the chronic infrastructural delay. that the organizational models of companies are renewed, the industrialists of Pesaro-Urbino have made a non-trivial change in the governance of the Territorial. After 76 years of history, there is the first woman to lead the provincial Confindustria: Alessandra Baronciani, CEO of Isopak Group, for Bonomi “a sign to be promoted because it goes in the direction of a more balanced, fairer, more inclusive society”.

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