Home Business The Milanosesto construction sites are underway, with a turnover of over one billion in 2025

The Milanosesto construction sites are underway, with a turnover of over one billion in 2025

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Estimates of Hines

It is estimated a turnover generated until the end of the works – expected in 2025 – of over one billion euros, with the creation of over 2,100 jobs. «We strongly believe in this strategic and challenging project, with the aim of creating a new sustainable and inclusive urban center, to reactivate a territory neglected for decades for the benefit of all communities – says Abbadessa-. With MilanoSesto, in addition to confirming the long-term approach and consolidating the Living strategy, we want to give shape to our concept of sustainable real estate development, with the aim of promoting a positive impact at local and national level “.

Concrete contribution

Milanosesto will aim, above all, at the creation of the social infrastructure: «no real estate project can be considered lasting and successful if it is not socially sustainable for future generations» says Abbadessa.

Two years of commitment

“The financial commitment of Hines and Cale Street in Unione 0 makes the excellent teamwork and commitment made by Prelios and Hines in the last two years even more tangible and concrete to allow the relaunch of such an important and qualifying »declared Luigi Aiello, general manager corporate & business development of the Prelios group. “Since the first discussions we had on this ambitious project, we have grasped its great potential and its strong social appeal”, he concludes.

Core principles

One of the key principles of the entire project and of the realization of the first private lot will therefore be the Esg vision. The residences of Unione 0 will, in fact, be characterized by valuable services designed for different age groups – including young students and professionals, families and the elderly -, aspirations and needs, providing for example spaces dedicated to study, smart working, baby- sitting, fitness. Furthermore, affordable rents will also contribute to important social repercussions: 30% more of residents in neighboring areas will be able to access a house at sustainable prices that will have an average cost 50% lower than comparable solutions in the Municipality of Milan. .

Public spaces and private spaces

Great attention will be paid to the enhancement of public spaces and osmosis with private ones, resulting in an attractive, dynamic, sustainable, inclusive and community-oriented urban destination.

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