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The Naples ring road becomes a smart laboratory

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The Naples ring road becomes a smart laboratory

Tangenziale di Napoli becomes an open-air laboratory for the mobility of the future. The company that manages the artery, in fact, has installed new technologies that are already operational on some sections: intelligent level lighting, sustainable toll booths, license plate counters and sensors for infrastructure monitoring. The program – which is part of the Mercury Plan for all of Italy – provides for investments in Naples of 200 million (partly spent and partly to be made). The solutions adopted will then be extended to the entire Autostrade per l’Italia network.

Synergy with Federico II

Everything starts from a synergy with the Federico II University in the field of digitalization and training. The Naples ring road is available to the University to test new technological solutions, while the second edition of the Smart Infrastructures Academy starts, the result of the partnership between Federico II and Tecne, a company of the Aspi Group: the SI Academy has already formed and included in the Group dozens of new engineers. 36 students will participate in the courses of the new academic year.

The new technologies

The new technologies, developed thanks to the collaboration between the University and the Aspi Group, follow three fundamental pillars: safety, innovation, sustainability. Among the main projects already launched in experimental mode, the redevelopment in a sustainable key and the energy self-sufficiency of the toll booths: the first application is on the Arenella station which has been equipped with advanced systems through the installation of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, supported by a smart building system for the intelligent management of electrical loads and the reduction of Co2. The installation of an innovative grazing and intelligent lighting system has already begun on the Capodichino viaduct, capable of combining energy savings (-15%) to communication between vehicles and the highway. The project, developed thanks to a synergy between the Naples ring road, Movyon and Amplia, a company of the ASPI group, eliminates the use and encumbrance of poles, replaced by lighting fixtures installed on safety barriers and also equipped with a detection system traffic. This innovative system is able to establish communication between the road section and the vehicles in transit, with a view to implementing Smart Roads.The Federico II team is also developing the sensor system which, installed on the main works of art, allows the constant and real-time dynamic surveillance of the network structures and, thanks to Argo, the IT asset management platform developed by Movyon and already operational on the national network for monitoring and managing the life cycle of the infrastructures, offers in a single solution the complete digitization of assets. Furthermore, the experimentation of the dematerialisation of the prepaid rechargeable through the Targa Account, the personal payment system associated with the license plate of your vehicle that allows you to pay tolls by choosing to domicile the payment on a credit card or current account, is starting on the Tangenziale. Activation is free. Once activated, the customer no longer has to worry about paying every single toll: the system will automatically proceed with the charge. The list of transits made and the cost of tolls are always available in your private area.

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“We focus on the excellence of the South to give added value to our Mercury program, Autostrade per l’Italia’s plan for increasingly tech, green and avant-garde mobility – says Aspi CEO Roberto Tomasi – The strengthening of synergy with Federico II, in a strategic context such as that of the Naples ring road, represents a virtuous model that generates benefits throughout the territory. The Si Academy is an expression of our commitment to developing the skills we need to face the challenges that await us. A strategy aimed at making our network innovative and increasingly welcoming, in line with the needs of users and the communities it crosses ».

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