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The new smart flagship SUV Xiaopeng G9 debuts globally-Xinhua English.news.cn

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Today, Xiaopeng Motors will gather at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show with all its products under the brand, and hold a press conference with the theme of “Natural Intelligence Exploring More”. Xia Heng, co-founder and president of Xiaopeng Motors, unveiled for the first time the mystery of Xiaopeng’s new smart flagship SUV, Xiaopeng G9, and released the X-SERVICE intelligent express service and X-CERTIFIED Xiaopeng’s official second-hand car. Brand new system.

The new smart flagship SUV-Xiaopeng G9

The new smart flagship SUV-Xiaopeng G9 makes its global debut

At this Guangzhou Auto Show, in addition to the already-marketed smart and trendy urban SUV Xiaopeng G3i, the ever-changing and comfortable smart home car Xiaopeng P5, the ultra-long endurance smart coupe Xiaopeng P7, and the fourth model of Xiaopeng Motor’s new smart flagship SUV Xiaopeng G9 also officially made its global debut.

As a smart flagship SUV based on internationalization, Xiaopeng G9 is developed in accordance with the Chinese and EU vehicle dual certification standards, and is designed in accordance with the C-NCAP and E-NCAP dual five-star safety standards. It will also meet the stringent EU WVTA vehicle model. Certification standards: The whole vehicle will meet the high standards of EU 3R certification in terms of environmental protection, with a recyclable rate of over 85% and a recyclable rate of over 95%, contributing to the sustainable development of the world.

Xiaopeng G9 takes purity, extremeness and pioneering as its styling design concepts, showing Xiaopeng’s aesthetic philosophy. The designer has created a flagship SUV model that is more brand-recognizable and leads the aesthetic style of smart cars with an international vision on the new models.

Xiaopeng G9 inherits and evolves Xiaopeng’s family-style front face

In terms of details, Xiaopeng G9 inherited and evolved the X Robot Face, a family-style front face of Xiaopeng Motors. There are new iconic designs on both sides of the penetrating daytime running lights, like two very sharp eyes. The dual lidar is perfectly integrated into the headlight design, plus the daytime running lights that echo the Xiaopeng LOGO, it is majestic and full of sense of technology.

On the side of the car body, a horizontal high waist line runs through the car body, dividing the whole car into the golden ratio in the longitudinal direction. At the same time, the slender hood, short front overhang, long rear overhang, plus 21-inch wheels, together create the elegance and luxury of the vehicle.

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The design with a sense of mechanical technology is perfectly integrated with the surface of the vitality

Moreover, on Xiaopeng G9, the visual perception system, 5G antenna, low wind resistance wheel hub and other scientific and technological equipment distributed on the body have been explicitly designed, and the design with a sense of mechanical technology is perfectly integrated with the overall vitality surface of the body. Emphasize the beauty of technology and build a new trend of smart car design.

Industry-leading X-EEA 3.0 electrical and electronic architecture

In the era of smart electric vehicles, the height of the electrical and electronic architecture determines the height of the vehicle’s intelligence level. Thanks to the full-stack self-research capabilities, XPENG Motors has revolutionized the hardware architecture, software architecture and communication architecture of the XPENG G9, creating a leading generation of X-EEA 3.0 electrical and electronic architecture.

The X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture adopts a high-convergence hardware architecture of central supercomputer + regional control, which can be equipped with higher-performance chips, support higher-level intelligent assisted driving and more powerful intelligent cockpits. Xiaopeng G9 will also become The first mass-produced car supporting the XPILOT 4.0 intelligent driving assistance system.

The vehicle-level hierarchical software platform architecture of X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture is based on the differences in users’ requirements for different types of software. The vehicle software has been defined as a system software platform, a basic software platform, and an intelligent application platform. , In order to enable the rapid development and iteration of intelligent functions, such as intelligent driving assistance systems, intelligent voice vehicle control car settings, and intelligent scenes.

In addition, Xiaopeng G9 has also implemented a communication architecture based on Gigabit Ethernet for the first time in China. It also supports multiple communication protocols, allowing vehicles to transmit data faster, thereby supporting high-level intelligence based on large amounts of data transmission. Intelligent functions such as assisted driving system, smart cockpit, OTA, etc. At the same time, based on more standardized design and more standardized testing, the reliability of communication has also been greatly improved.

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X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture enables Xiaopeng G9 to have more complete self-diagnosis functions, and to focus on the driving safety of car owners in all aspects; based on layered software platform architecture, intelligent functions can be developed more quickly, and Xiaopeng G9’s OTA iteration speed Greatly speed up; thanks to multiple controllers that can refresh the software simultaneously, the upgrade process time is greatly shortened, and the vehicle-level OTA time can be controlled within 30 minutes. The domain controllers are all used as memory partitions, one area is used for upgrading, and one area is used for normal operation of the vehicle, so that the use of the vehicle will not be affected during the upgrade. The upgrade can be completed after the vehicle is reset and restarted.

Moreover, in terms of power distribution and use, the power supply of the electric equipment of the Xiaopeng G9 vehicle is 100% controllable. The vehicle can perform on-demand power distribution according to the user’s car scene. The power consumption of the vehicle is greatly reduced when the vehicle is in sleep, waking, and standby states. .

800V high voltage SiC platform + 480kW high voltage overcharge to end charging anxiety

In addition to the leading X-EEA 3.0 electrical and electronic architecture, Xiaopeng G9 is also equipped with the XPower 3.0 power system. It is the first mass-produced car based on the 800V high-voltage SiC platform in China. At the same time, the highest efficiency of the electric drive system can reach more than 95%. The 48-hour battery pack with IP68 protection level and the intelligent high-voltage protection system ensure the high safety of the supercharged battery system. At the same time, in order to give full play to the advantages of overcharging technology of the 800V platform, Xiaopeng Motors will also lay China’s first mass-produced 480kW high-voltage overcharging piles to fully release the energy supplement efficiency.

800V high voltage SiC platform + 480kW high voltage overcharge

As of October 31, a total of 550 overcharging stations under the Xiaopeng Auto brand have been online, and 1,734 free charging stations have been online, providing car owners with high-quality charging services. Xiaopeng Motor hopes to build a better electric travel experience, end charging anxiety, and break the barriers to gasoline and electricity supplements.

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Xpeng Motors, which starts the brand and accelerates upward

2021 is the year of upgrades for Xiaopeng Motors, and also the year for the brand of Xiaopeng Motors to improve. In addition to the new smart flagship SUV Xiaopeng G9, at the Guangzhou Auto Show site, Xiaopeng Motors also officially released two new system brands, X-SERVICE smart quick service and X-CERTIFIED official second-hand car.

X-SERVICE Smart Quick Enjoy Service

X-SERVICE intelligent quick enjoyment service is based on the operation of Xiaopeng Automobile’s intelligent service platform, allowing users to experience subverting traditional online, intelligent, and mobile services. Through an exclusive service group, Captain, the service steward, will meet the user’s full-cycle service requirements of car booking, delivery, and use; through an integrated intelligent diagnosis, it will provide users with an integrated solution of online pre-diagnosis and appointment services; The intelligent service platform triggers mobile services and realizes one-hour reach service in the core urban area to meet the needs of car owners for quick service.

At present, the first batch of 23 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou have officially launched the X-SERVICE smart quick sharing service. In the future, the X-SERVICE smart quick sharing service will be opened to more cities.

X-CERTIFIED Xiaopeng official second-hand car, adhering to the brand concept of “Enjoy the new life”, is committed to creating an intelligent and high-quality used car transaction service ecological chain, accompany users with the full life cycle service of travel and life, and build a The trustworthy exchange-for-purchase service platform allows car sellers to sell or replace cars efficiently and preserves the value, allowing car buyers to purchase cars transparently and at ease.

In addition, X-CERTIFIED Xiaopeng’s official second-hand car has also self-developed its own brand’s used car intelligent evaluation system. Through intelligent analysis of online and offline second-hand car transaction data and real-time vehicle condition monitoring and other big data information, Xiaopeng Motors can make more objective, Fair and transparent valuation promotes a sustainable second-hand car transaction service ecosystem. In the future, the system will be open to all users of Xiaopeng Motors.


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