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The Office of the State Council issued the “Notice on Further Increasing Relief and Assistance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” to study the timely introduction of some continuation policies after the expiry of the preferential policies for enterprises_ 东方 Fortune.com

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The General Office of the State Council recently issued the “Notice on Further Increasing Relief and Assistance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), and stated that it will further increase the support for relief funds, and further promote tax and fee reductions. Greatly help enterprises to relieve their difficulties, reduce their burdens, and help overcome difficulties.

SMEs are the development of the national economy and societyMain forceThe military plays an important role in promoting growth, ensuring employment, activating the market, and improving people’s livelihood. Recently, due to the impact of rising raw material prices, insufficient orders, difficult labor and expensive labor, slow collection of accounts receivable, high logistics costs, the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and power cuts in some areas, small and medium-sized enterprises have increased cost pressures and increased operating difficulties .

To this end, the “Notice” clearly increased the financial support for relief.Encourage local governments to arrange relief funds for small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises that face temporary difficulties in production and operation but have marketable products, promising projects, and technologically competitive small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as service-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of people’s livelihood with high labor intensity and high social benefits (such as pension care Education institutions, etc.) to provide special financial support to reduce the burden of house rents, water and electricity bills, etc., to provideSocial securitySubsidies, etc., help companies cope with pressures such as rising raw material prices and rising logistics and labor costs.

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In order to further promote tax reduction and fee reduction, the “Notice” requires that small-scale taxpayers with monthly sales of less than 150,000 yuan be exempted from value-added tax, small and low-profit enterprises are reduced in income tax, R&D expenses plus deduction, accelerated depreciation of fixed assets, and support Preferential tax policies for imports of scientific and technological innovation. Manufacturing small, medium and micro enterprises have postponed the payment of some taxes and fees in the fourth quarter of 2021 in accordance with regulations. Study the timely introduction of some policies for continuation after the expiration of the preferential enterprise policy. Continue to clean up and standardize company-related charges to ensure that policy dividends are implemented.

At the same time, strengthen the re-lending and rediscount policy tools to accurately “drip irrigation” for small and medium-sized enterprises, and make good use of the newly increased 300 billion yuan of small re-loan lines. Increase credit loans and implement inclusive credit loan support policies for small and micro enterprises in accordance with regulations. For small and micro enterprises that have been severely affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, floods and rising raw material prices, strengthen working capital loan support, and implement inclusive small and micro enterprise loans deferred principal and interest policies in accordance with regulations.

The “Notice” proposes to promote the easing of the pressure of rising costs, strengthen the monitoring and early warning of bulk commodities, strengthen the regulation of market supply and demand, and severely crack down on illegal activities such as hoarding and price hikes. Support industry associations and large enterprises to build supply-demand docking platforms for key industries and strengthen supply and docking services for raw materials. Promote futures companies to provide risk management services for small and medium-sized enterprises, and help small and medium-sized enterprises use futures hedging tools to deal with the risk of large fluctuations in raw material prices. Stabilize the capacity supply of liner companies on China’s main export routes.Give full play to the role of industry associations, chambers of commerce and local governments to guide foreign trade companies to sign long-term contracts with liner companiescontract, Encourage liner companies to launch special line services for SMEs.

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The “Notice” also proposes to strengthen the construction of the electricity production, supply, storage and marketing system, scientifically implement the orderly use of electricity, and rationally arrange the peak-to-peak electricity to ensure the safe and stable supply of energy to small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. Promote leading enterprises in the industrial chain to sort out the list of key upstream and downstream enterprises, ensure the electricity demand of small and medium-sized enterprises in the key links of the industrial chain, maintain the safety and stability of the industrial chain supply chain, ensure the normal production of enterprises’ existing orders, and prevent the risk of order default. Accelerate the reform of the electricity market, fully consider the reform process and the affordability of SMEs, and promote SMEs to enter the electricity market in a stable and orderly manner. Encourage places where conditions permit to implement phased preferential treatment of electricity for small and micro enterprises.

The “Notice” requires to increase investment in people’s livelihood and new infrastructure construction, further implement the “Administrative Measures for Government Procurement to Promote the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, and encourage localities to fine-tune reserved procurement shares, price review concessions, reduce bidding costs, and prioritize procurement based on local conditions And other support measures. Organize supply-demand matching activities to promote large-scale enterprises to expand the scale of procurement from small and medium-sized enterprises. Build a government-bank cooperation platform to carry out cross-border matching services for SMEs.

(Source: Shanghai Securities News)

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